Astro Love - Your Turn-Ons And Turn-Offs

A sign-by-sign zodiac guide to your — and your date’s — romantic highs and lows. Use this information wisely.

By Barrie Dolnick

ave you ever had a great flirtation going with someone and all of a sudden realize that you’ve totally lost that person’s attention—or that instead of a big smile you’re getting the hairy eyeball? What’d you say? What’d you do?

There’s a good chance you made a supreme star-crossed gaffe—but were completely unaware of it. Avoid repeating that scenario by finding out your date’s sign (c’mon, it’s really not that hard or that cheesy to ask!), and then proceed, armed with the knowledge below and the stars on your side.

Sign Turn-OnTurn-Off
Aries: Men

Determined and fearless but won’t wait for anyone.

• Being up for anything.

• Hearing that he reminds you of a studly movie actor like Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves or Sean Connery (you choose the action hero).

• Not flinching when he challenges you.

• Your complaining about being too hot or too cold.

• Not being asked personal questions.

• Your being afraid of anything short of a real, life-threatening situation.

Aries: Women

Smart, open and willing to tell you exactly what you did wrong.

• Quiet admiration.

• Clever conversation.

• Enthusiasm for group activities; say, agreeable to partnering in coed tennis tournaments.

• Wussies, braggers, and idiots.

• Anyone who answers a question with “Wouldn’t you like to know!”

• Partners who cling at parties.

• Sore losers.

Taurus: Men

Loyal, loving remote-hoggers.

• Designer clothes.

• Laughing at his jokes and making it look genuine.

• Bodies, preferably buff.

• Babbling.

• Sloppiness.

• Empty refrigerators and stingy servings.

Taurus: Women

Comfort-loving, cute and totally stubborn.

• Stable personalities.

• Tender moments within an evening of strong, manly behavior.

• Those who appreciate HGTV and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

• Trash talk.

• Lack of interest in food.

• Exercise fanatics who want to compare BMI’s.

Gemini: Men

Witty, earnest and easily distracted.

• Intrigue.

• Playing hard to get.

• Being given a long leash/a lot of freedom.

• Reading periodicals.

• People who interrupt.

• Possessiveness, jealousy, domination.

• Those who complain of boredom.

• People who don’t care about world affairs.

Gemini: Women

Flirtatious, alluring and unedited.

• Eye contact.

• People with connections.

• Listening to conspiracy theories involving people you both know.

• Timidity.

• Long-winded stories with weak punch lines.

• Bad breath.

• Lack of interest in party-crashing.

Cancer: Men

Committed, deep, and unwilling to be at fault.

• A deep, long look into his eyes.

• A soft touch and a sharp wit.

• Patience.

• Lots of cookbooks and some real experience in the kitchen, preferably with sea food.

• Nonstop gossip.

• Rough language.

• Messy homes.

• Not paying attention to him at least 75% of your waking hours.

Cancer: Women

Selective, passionate and won’t ever let you go.

• Persistence, patience, and don’t-push-me-away focus.

• Small gifts that show you know her.

• Good grooming.

• Intimate knowledge of the menus of your town’s best restaurants.

• Arrogance.

• People who are careless about their hygiene.

• Being thrown into a crowd of strangers.

• Being told she’s going to love your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors or anyone else she hasn’t met before.

Leo: Men

Kingly, winning, with a constantly expanding fan base.

• High-profile contacts, particularly those who would invite you to swank parties and showy dinners.

• Good looks but not better than his.

• Lack of respect.

• Crass behavior, bad manners.

• Bad posture.

• Being too worried about doing the right thing to have a good time.

Leo: Women

Pleased to share; charismatic, spotlight-loving lovers.

• Good job, good car, good breeding.

• The ability to get into the hottest restaurants anytime.

• Bling.

• Height.

• Hooligans.

• Smart-alecks.

• Lack of ambition even if you have a trust fund.

• Inability to fake being rich.

Virgo: Men

Smart, a bit finicky, and ever-caring.

• Informed opinions.

• Meticulous wardrobes.

• Appreciation for his precise opinions and good taste.

• Dandruff.

• Hot-dog stands and dive bars.

• Inside jokes when he isn’t inside.

• Being smarter, quicker, and more efficient than he is.

Virgo: Women

Crisp wit, strong taste, and slow to relax.

• Familiarity with spa locations and therapies.

• Easy conversation.

• A weakness for animals.

• Charitable giving.

• Food from a can.

• Laziness.

• Precise descriptions of wounds, medical procedures or surgery.

• Hotels that are less than 4 stars.

Libra: Men

Even-keeled, handsome and a little lazy.

• Good looks and slim figures.

• Admiring glances.

• Readers, movie-goers, concert attendees who go because they like it, not because it’s cool.

• Dense bodies and brains.

• Jealousy.

• Credit-card debt.

• Name-droppers.

Libra: Women

Best-dressed, coolly brilliant, and cowardly in conflict.

• Charm, flirtation, and savoir faire.

• Someone who gets fashion.

• Decision-making.

• Arrogance.

• Arguments as entertainment.

• Poverty.

• Dumb-dumb jokes (think belching beer mugs).

Scorpio: Men

Enthralling, dark and a little scary.

• Innate sensuality.

• Meaningful eye contact.

• Discretion.

• A light touch just above the elbow.

• Kiss-and-tellers.

• Cheaters.

• Insecurity.

• Dominatrix-like come-ons.

Scorpio: Women

Sensual, creative and private.

• Subtle sexiness.

• Loyalty.

• Wealth.

• Well-tailored suits.

• Users, cheaters, blabbers.

• Shouting.

• Prying.

• Smarmy pick-up artists.

Sagittarius: Men

Voyagers, team-players, and a little ADHD.

• Get-up-and-goers.

• Great sense of humor.

• Independent spirits.

• Strong self-esteem.

• ‘Fraidy cats.

• Couch potatoes.

• Self-imposed restrictions about bedtime, traveling, and food.

Sagittarius: Women

Curious, energetic and non-domestic.

• Spontaneous dates.

• Enthusiasm for travel, learning, and not having to know it all.

• Good sports.

• Woe-is-me types.

• Stalkers

• Penny-pinchers.

• Lecturers.

Capricorn: Men

Good, solid citizens who don’t always have a sense of humor.

• Strong work ethic.

• Inherited wealth.

• Impeccable manners.

• Fashion but not fashionistas.

• Slackers.

• Slang-driven vocabulary.

• Dirty hair.

Capricorn: Women

Cool, careful, and quietly wild.

• VIP passes to anything.

• Having a housekeeper.

• Good real estate.

• Living by the book.

• Crybabies.

• People who think being called a “Zany wackjob” is a compliment.

• Unemployment.

• Scuffed shoes.

Aquarius: Men

Intelligent, open, and prone to revolutionary ideas.

• Good conversation.

• Acceptance and compassion.

• Eccentricity.

• Stupid rules (especially ones about dating).

• Anyone who takes pride in being uninformed.

• Coercion or nagging.

• Dress-for-success types.

Aquarius: Women

Unpredictable, immovable, and fascinating.

• Smart in a National Public Radio sort of way.

• Easy rapport.

• Enthusiastic proposals and propositions.

• Invasion of privacy.

• Narrow-mindedness.

• Emotional dictators.

• Goody-goodies.

Pisces: Men

Shy, beauty-loving pleasure-seekers.

• Soft, accepting gazes.

• The ability to be quiet.

• Making good food, atmosphere and romance at any place on earth.

• Confrontation.

• Harsh music.

• People who abuse the fast-forward button.

• Drill-sergeant types.

Pisces: Women

Melodic, agreeable, withholding.

• Well put-together wardrobes.

• Animal lovers.

• Good wine cellars.

• Being able to just sit and do nothing.

• BlackBerry addiction.

• Fussy eaters.

• Complainers.

• Insults to family even if they are well deserved.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe.
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