Most Embarrassing Dates Ever!

Think you’ve had a mortifying moment while trying to get all romantic? Check out Happen readers’ stories for a reality check.

aybe you’ve spilled the water. Or got spinach stuck in your teeth. Or maybe you’ve gone in for a smooch and got the dreaded cheek turn. Sure, you’re embarrassed—but let’s just make one thing clear: You’re not alone. As proof, check out these stories from other Happen readers, which are bound to make you feel better about any snafu you’ve committed.

Cop a feel
“The woman I met for a first date slipped on some ice. In gallantly attempting to grab her and keep her from falling, my hand slipped into her open coat and grabbed one of her
“I called her by my ex-wife’s name. D’oh!”
breasts. Despite my obvious attempt to only help her, she was clearly angry!”
—Anthony_Xmasbaby, New York, NY

Bloody brilliant
“I accidentally gave myself a bloody nose while telling a story and talking too much with my hands. I was lucky; my date was a pre-med major and took great care of me, but I was so embarrassed!”
—September149, Denver, CO

Falling for you
“I had a few too many on a first date. Bad idea. I ended up falling down the stairs... So don’t drink too many, even if you’re nervous.”
—Vhoff192, Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Indecent exposure
“At a big-deal formal fundraiser, I wore a strapless gown. Unknown to me, as we were dancing, the dress started to slip around sideways. My date proceeded to grab the top of the dress, and yank it back in place. I was mortified!”
—Mortmonkee, Washington, DC

Never leave home without it
“I took a young lady to a place to eat, assuming that they took plastic and when the check came found out that they only accepted cash. She, of course, had to pay, but we drove right to the nearest ATM and I paid her back, with interest. Unfortunately, that made enough of a bad impression that I never got another date with her.”
—Stevegovols, Knoxville, TN

Swoon-worthy smooch
“I fainted during the end-of-the-night kiss. I’ve done it twice!”
—Justme33newby, Boston, MA

Such a heel
“My most embarrassing moment on a date would have to be a recent one where I was wearing heels. We had stopped by a coffee shop and on our way out, one of my heels got caught, which made me trip and my coffee went flying, all over the back of my date. I wanted to simply lie down and die.”
—Tainteddream5882, Kansas City, MO

“I ripped my pants once… and didn’t find out for quite a while.”
Waiter on a rampage
“I was on a first date with a guy at a nice restaurant… and the waiter was my ex-boyfriend. It was horrible. The guy didn’t know what was happening. My ex made every possible mistake a waiter could make and got away with it. My date didn’t know what hit him.”
—Luvlu, Las Vegas, NV

The name game
“Probably when I called her by my ex-wife’s name. D’oh!”
—Wilsoninutah, Salt Lake City, UT

Let ’er rip!
“I ripped my pants once… and didn’t find out for quite a while.”
—AFourthStooge, Chicago, IL

Let it all hang out
“I met a guy for the first time with paint still in my hair from re-decorating. Another time, I had the tag from my underwear showing above my jeans, with a big ‘L’ for large, for the whole world to see.”
—Haha43, Salt Lake City, UT

Blast from the past
“My most embarrassing moment on a date was when I was at a restaurant in the Philadelphia area and saw my ex-girlfriend there. She was a little intoxicated and came over to our table and started talking to me about how she missed me, right in front of my date!”
—DDColt047, Philadelphia, PA
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