10 Summer Pleasures for Singles

From lemonade parties to catching a wave with a cutie, here’s how to enjoy the hottest season for love.

By Alonna Friedman

ey, why are you sitting in front of your computer? If you haven’t noticed yet, the weather’s warmed make the most of it by heading outside and having some fun. No date? No problem. There’s plenty of excitement to be had on your own or with friends that, coincidentally, might just get you mingling with some potential new dates. Try one of these pleasures for a hot time this summer.

1. Try lemonade with a twist. Show off your citrus prowess by throwing a spiked lemonade party. Pick up a copy of
Why not throw a spiked lemonade party?
Punch by Colleen Mulaney who suggests adding 1 cup ginger ale and 1 cup vodka to 3 cups of the basic lemon/water/sugar mix. Then invite your friends over and ask them to bring at least one single friend of the opposite sex. Drink up!

2. Sea and be seen. Instead of sitting by the shore with the latest John Grisham book, it might be time to hang ten. Check out for local lessons where you’ll get out there, be surrounded by lots of people in wet suits, get exercise, and perhaps meet a surfer guy or girl of your dreams.

3. Go cuckoo. Before you declare it nerdy, try bird watching just once. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, birding is the number one sport in America with 51.3 million birders in the States! To find the best local spots as well as classes for beginners, check out or get a portable field guide from Peterson or Sibley at your bookstore.

4. Lace up to find love. Enter a 5K race, which at just over 3 miles is a good starting point for beginners. The goal is not speed, just a sense of accomplishment. Solitary runs are good, but make it more social by training with a group. Check out or Road Runners Club of America at for a local running club and list of upcoming races.

5. Tempt your taste buds. Summer comes but once a year and that holds true for the fruit and veggie bounty that comes with it. Corral some friends or coworkers and find a farmer’s market in your hood at Bring home a bunch of goodies, and your friends, and have an impromptu dinner party, suggests Kris Novack, a party planner in Boston. Or just roam the stalls — purple carrots, yellow cherries and wild strawberries can all be great conversation starters!

6. Saunter or cycle in the sun. Make the most of every extra minute of light.
Volleyball or tennis, anyone? Leagues pop up all over the place during summer.
For a unique way to hit the open road whether on foot or bike, keeps tabs on a network of former rail lines that have been turned into public spaces for exercise nationwide. There are often rides to register for on the site, too. Or use your athletic abilities to do good, suggests Alicia Schneer, a publicist in Los Angeles. To zero in on specific charity and fundraising bike rides check out Cajole a group of single buddies into cycling with you to meet others with your altruistic mindset.

7. Seek culture al fresco. Ever notice how King Lear’s a lot more interesting when performed outdoors with a breeze blowing? The same goes for classical music, operas and your twentieth viewing of Rear Window. Get a calendar of events near you for anything artful that takes place under the stars. The trick is to park your blanket next to a group of guys (or girls) and find the appropriate entree into conversation whether it’s borrowing their bug spray or offering up a taste of your homemade salsa.

8. Join the team. Tennis anyone? Softball? Ultimate Frisbee? Intramural leagues pop up all over the place during summer, and it’s a great way to meet and get in shape. Most important is that you make it to the after-game bar so you can chat up your teammates. All it takes to start a conversation? “Good save” or a similar phrase, and you’re golden. Find a league on or your local Y.

9. Use your noggin. When you’re no longer a kid, school can be cool: Sign up for a class at a local continuing-ed program. No, not for algebra, for something more whimsical like “How to Sell on eBay” or a screen-writing seminar which will attract like-minded (and hopefully cute) people.

10. Root, root, root! Big-league baseball isn’t the only game in town: Minor-league teams attract low-key locals looking for neighborly amusement. Some even host singles nights where you can chomp on a hot dog, cheer for the hometown guys, and meet other single folk. Check your local listings for more info.

Alonna Friedman is a freelance writer in New York City. Her work has appeared in GlamourSelf.
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