Your Dreams And Your Love Life

Ever wonder what your nighttime reveries reveal about your romances? Our expert does some decoding for you.

By Barrie Dolnick

ver wake up in the morning and stay in bed for a bit, mulling over the weird dream you had the night before? Maybe you were making out with a heart-stopping celebrity? (That’s the good kind.) Or perhaps you were lost in a dark cellar, not knowing how to get out? (Bad kind.) Did you know that your dreams aren’t just fascinating short films from your subconscious? They are also a running narrative on your love life. OK, they don’t speak English or send emails the way you’re used to communicating, but your dreams are basically the IMs of your psyche. You just need to know how to understand them.

Here are eight super-common dream scenarios I’ve heard from clients in my work as an astro-coach, success trainer, and best-selling author—along with what they mean to your love life. One thing’s for sure—dreams are not literal foreshadowing of what’s to come. When you’re being proposed to by George Clooney or making out with Heather Graham, it’s a dream. And it will stay that way, I’m sorry to say.

1. Flying (without a plane)
Flying dreams are the best. You’re weightless, carefree, and blissed out. When you fly in your dreams, you’re getting a green light for happiness. If you’re flying with other people, you’re sharing your joy. Your dream is showing you that your dating life is on the
Are you naked in your dream? It means you’re feeling vulnerable.
right track. Here’s another twist: If you’re not dating someone, you soon will be! If you’re afraid of flying, however, you’re not totally ready for a happy love life. What’s grounding you? Pay attention to other dreams and get a clue as to why you’re not flying high in romance.

2. Taking tests
How many times have you had the dream where you have to go take an exam you’re completely unprepared for? Maybe it’s one about a mix-up at your high-school graduation and you still need to take your American History exam (or French exam or — worse still — Trigonometry exam). How many times have you woken up in the morning relieved that you don’t have to take that test? Those dreams are telling you that you don’t think you’re ready for life as you’re living it. You could be dating someone who gets too heavy too fast or you could be telling yourself you’re just not ready to get serious. Never fear, if you’re not prepared for the test in your dreams, you have as much time as you want in your waking life to get ready. Slow down your relationships, don’t date too many people at once, and let yourself take a break once in a while. If someone is trying to test you in love, flunk them out.

3. Tornadoes, floods fires, disasters
You don’t need to be Freud to figure out that natural disasters or menacing situations are telling you that something’s wrong. Does dating scare you? Are you seeing someone who is making you uncomfortable? If you dream of being overwhelmed or frightened by something you have no control over, step back and see if you are walking into a complicated or difficult situation. Is your love interest being honest? Are you both totally free to date? These are warning dreams. Be cautious.

4. Transportation
Ever try to get a taxi or run for a train in your dream? Have you dreamt of being in a traffic jam? Who needs that kind of frustration when you’re trying to get some rest? Your dream is telling you that you’re not getting anywhere or that where you want to go is blocked. Maybe your current methods of meeting people aren’t working. Or perhaps dating your current sweetie isn’t best idea. Or maybe there’s something in the way of a successful relationship. What are the obstacles? Do you need to network more or post an online profile to find love? Is there a complicating factor in your current relationship—say, an ex? Better find out so that you can take a faster route to real romance.

5. Having a baby
Don’t rush to the bathroom to test how many blue lines you see. Sometimes a woman will dream she’s pregnant or will just have this baby to take care of and not know why. And guys dream of impending dad-hood too. While these dreams can be disconcerting and even scary, they are good dreams! Having a baby is about your own life taking on a new form. This can easily mean true love is here. Or that love is about to be born. Take stock
If you’re in a relationship and you dream about cheating, don’t be ashamed.
of your life. Who has newly entered the picture? Who are you dating now? Your life is about to expand. Who’s the lucky babe?

6. Being naked
OK, maybe you have no problem getting naked in front of strangers, but in a dream, you’re more than likely to feel uncomfortable. Being naked is being vulnerable. Are you feeling a little uncomfortable with someone you’re seeing? Are you feeling “exposed”? Take a step back from your dating relationships and pull in your privacy. Your dreams are telling you that you’re not comfortable with the situation.

7. Problems with teeth
Don’t you hate this dream? Some people dream that their teeth are falling out. Some dream that teeth are loose. Whatever your toothy dream is, it’s about not being able to “sink your teeth” into something. Usually teeth dreams are about power (or lack thereof), being able to express yourself, or not being able to communicate anger. If you have tooth issues in dreams, don’t go to your dentist. Go to your friends and ask what they think you’re not facing.

8. Cheating dreams
If you’re in a relationship and you dream about cheating, have fun. There’s nothing to be ashamed of and quite frankly it’s the only place you can cheat (aside from fantasies) that’s 100% guilt-free. If you dream you’re being cheated on, however, you’re worried about abandonment. Best not wake up and accuse your sweetie of wanton behavior. You’re telling yourself that you’re insecure. Take steps to figure out what’s worrying you. Remember, dreams are rarely literal. And in this case, that’s a good thing!

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe. Her website is
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