Boost Your Sex Appeal!

Attention, women: 5 simple ways to unleash your inner charisma—and get lots more attention.

by Julie Taylor

ure, pretty much all men want to date a woman who’s cute and a great conversationalist. But then there’s another quality—namely, sex appeal—that separates the “dateable” women from the ones whose day planners are always packed with men dying to see them. It’s not about a gorgeous face or an incredible body. The right mindset is all you need for a little more mojo, and here are five simple ways to do just that.

Build your body image
Every woman has parts of her body she’s not too thrilled about. But at the same time, everyone also has a feature she’s kind of proud of. Focus on highlighting this area—rather than hiding what you don’t like—and trust us, you’ll feel (and look) like one hot mamma. Celeste Brown, 32, of Los Angeles knows there’s truth to these words
Men have a gravitational response to proximity: The closer you stand to them, the closer they want to get.
because she’s tried it herself: “I hate my flabby stomach, but I love my upper arms—they're really muscular and cut. And my chest isn't bad, either,” she says. “So while I wouldn't be caught dead in a belly shirt, I love wearing loose tanks that show off my arms and my cleavage. That makes me feel sexy, and I’m never at a loss for attention when I go out wearing one!”

Wear an eye-catching color
Black, beige, gray…all fine colors to wear on a day-to-day basis. But the rules change when you’re out mingling. Blending in: bad. Standing out: essential! Intense colors naturally draw the eye, so skip the muted shades, and go for a bright hue, like a sunshine yellow dress, bright pink baby tee, or, of course, anything fire-engine red. If you want to incorporate color in a more low-key way, try wearing colored jewelry: For instance, a turquoise necklace over a dark chocolate top is a fun way to stand out.

Get a little closer
Men have a gravitational response to proximity: The closer you stand to them, the closer they want to get. Just ask Georgia Lange, 31, of Asheville, North Carolina. “One of my girlfriends is a guy magnet, and I couldn’t pinpoint why,” she says. “Then one day, I noticed that she was standing really close to the guys she was flirting with. When I asked her about it, she said that's her secret. She just takes one step toward them, and they always respond in kind.” Don’t worry, you don’t need to stand hip-to-hip, just close enough that you can lower your voice and say something only he would hear. It’ll inject some instant intimacy into your conversation—a tactic you can ratchet up yet another notch by leaning forward and whispering in his ear. Your confession can be anything from “You know, this martini is amazing” to “Wow, this song brings back so many memories.” The sheer fact that you’re whispering transforms this simple statement into a sweet nothing.

Let your eyes flit over his features for a few seconds. This makes him think you’re enjoying the view—and he may start checking you out, too.
Use your eyes to get his mind racing
We’ve all heard that eye contact can signal interest, but few people really know how to utilize their peepers for maximum impact. Holding someone’s gaze for too long, in fact, is more creepy than captivating, so skip the staring contests, and instead let your eyes flit over his features for a few seconds—that adorable five-o’clock scruff, his strong jaw, his highly smoochable lips—before heading back to his eyes. By doing so, you ever-so-subtly make him think (rightly so, we might add) that you’re enjoying the view. He’ll be flattered, and if all goes well he may start checking you out.

Tap into the power of touch
Everyone knows that gal who’s always got her arm flirtatiously wrapped around a guy’s waist or shoulders, and it’s a no-brainer that these women never want for male attention. Now, you can insist you’re “just not the touchy-feely type,” but there are ways you can give it a whirl without feeling too forward. The key, according to the “naturals,” is to always have an excuse to initiate contact, no matter how flimsy. That way, you’re merely touching his arm or knee to emphasize a point that you feel strongly about, like “You really must see that movie; it’s incredible.” Or, you’re quaintly hooking elbows with him to avoid slipping on a patch of ice. And sure, it’s a cliché, but honestly no one likes walking around with a big piece of lint on their shirt, so if you spot something, go ahead and say, “Look what you’ve had stuck to your shirt—but I got it!” While putting your paws on someone may feel like a serious step, try to think of it in more friendly, familial terms, the way you’d treat a brother or male friend, to ease your anxiety. After all, it’s not like you’re asking for the guy’s phone number—that, we hope, is something he’ll do himself all too soon.

Julie Taylor worked her sexiness for a year-and-a-half while she was writing her new book, How to Be a Dominant Diva.
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