Spice Up Your Sex Life!

Want to add a little excitement (or a lot) to your night together? Try some of these moves that men and women swear did wonders for them.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

Smooch in public
“There is just something thrilling and maybe even dangerous about getting it on in unexpected places where someone might catch you. Like this one time, my ex-boyfriend and I were a little tipsy and sitting out on his balcony. Before I knew it, we were making out. No one could really see us, but the possibility that someone could have made it one of the hottest nights I can recall.”
—Anne, Oklahoma City, OK

Spend some time apart
“After four years together, my guy and I were in a bit of a rut, romantically speaking. What really spiced things up for us happened when I took a week-long trip with my family and without my guy. When I got back we were so excited to see each other that
Buy a small lamp so you two can segue from bright light to pitch black.
things got hot and heavy! So try taking a few days—or more—apart from your significant other. When you do reunite, it’ll be fantastic!”
—Robin, New York, NY

Give him something to look forward to
“My boyfriend and I were in a bit of a drought so one night when we were out, I told him that I had a surprise on under my clothes—some new lingerie, just for him. That got his imagination working and by time we got in the car, he couldn’t take his hands off me. Worked like a charm.”
—Stephanie, Atlanta, GA

Seduce each other all over again
“Here is my recipe for spicing up your sex life. One partner goes to a bar, all spruced up, and waits. The other arrives whenever it occurs to him/her, dressed sexy as hell. Then act like you're strangers. Walk in, make subtle eye contact, have a seat at the other end of the bar, initiate more juicy eye contact, and build the tension the entire time until it’s so thick that one or the other has to approach!”
—Leia, Carson City, NV

Don’t strip down
“My boyfriend and I found some of our hottest nights happen when one of us leaves on an article of clothing or underwear…it feels more spontaneous, like you just couldn’t wait one more second to get busy.”
—Julie, Oneonta, NY

Set some mood lighting
“You don’t have to bust out candles or get dimmers; buy a small, inexpensive bedside lamp so that there’s some degree of gradation between ‘clinical fluorescent lights’ and ‘pitch black.’ Your bodies will look so much more alluring, and it will especially help that first time when you can’t really be like ‘walk into my dark bedroom now!’ but you’re both too nervous to make a move in bright light.”
—Laura, Kansas City, KS

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is a New York City-based writer who couldn’t imagine how she’d manage without her bedside lamp.
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