What Makes Someone Sexy?

Does sensual appeal come from a glance, a gesture, or a special kissing technique? Find out what other Happen readers told us!

s it a look, a laugh, the nape of his or her neck—or being able to give a really good backrub? We asked Happen readers what they thought, and we certainly got a wide range of answers. But we also heard one theme from an overwhelming number of readers, male and female alike—in a word, confidence! Read on for more readers’ thoughts…

“A laugh that starts around the eyes and transforms her face into full, uninhibited joy is about as sexy as it gets.”
“When someone can find humor in themselves.”
—Kerry, no address given

“A mischievous twinkle in his eyes.”
—Catherine, Indianapolis, ID

“After the initial attraction, the way a man treats his children, family, friends, even strangers, is what really seals the deal. Nothing is sexier than watching a man treat someone with kindness, concern and respect.”
—sweeterthan_wine, Parker, CO

“Once we have gotten to know each another, letting me know he wants me is an incredible turn-on. Of course, I did say ‘once we have gotten to know each other...’ As a single woman dating on the Internet, I can tell you that a conversation that begins ‘Love your picture. You're so hot. Drool.’ is distinctly un-sexy. Why do guys think women want to hear that?”
—wimsey70, Pittsburgh, PA

“Not knowing [or not showing you know] that you are gorgeous is very appealing. Give me humility any day.”
—venus_redux, Gettysburg, PA

“I find a man who explores his understanding of the world without conformist thinking very sexy.”
—dayglowOriginal, Arlington, TX

“Honesty. I am not talking about ‘honest to a fault’ honesty—I am speaking of ‘from the heart’ honesty.”
—dostyla, no address given

“A man who opens doors, chews with his mouth shut, and puts the toilet seat and lid back down.”
—hereiaminnwa, Fayetteville, AR

“A laugh that starts around the eyes and transforms her face into full, uninhibited joy is about as sexy as it gets.”
—Mac, no address given

“Holding hands, soft kisses, unexpected compliments, and small acts of kindness.”
—sweething178, no address given

“Sexiness radiates from the eyes. The eyes don't lie.”
—princeofen, no address given
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