Guys Reveal - “The Worst Turn-Down I Ever Got…”

Guys Reveal: “The Worst Turn-Down I Ever Got…”

Ouch! Our survey collected some rough rejections…but don’t feel bad, guys; we got an expert to decode them, and you don't want to date the women who delivered them.

By Caitlin Ascolese
ejection is never fun, is it? Comfort yourself with A) the harshly worded "thanks but no thanks" that some poor guys got, below, as gathered in a survey, and B) the knowledge that some of the women who dole out these turn-downs are, well, a little bit nuts. We asked Lillian Glass, Ph.D., communications expert and author of I Know What You're Thinking, to assess these women's excuses. And for once, guys, it might really be them and not you!

"I was told that I'm too neat. Neat?!" —Gary, 56, Toronto, ON

Dr. Glass: "She probably has sloppy tendencies, and she's worried that he'll judge her."

"She told me it wasn't a good idea because she was anemic and was having her period." —Joe, 54, Justin, TX

Dr. Glass: "Oh, God! I'm embarrassed just hearing that. That's too much information. She doesn't censor herself, so she could be a true embarrassment in front of other people."

"She didn't think her father and I would get along." —Curtis, 43, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Glass: "Daddy's girl! The rejection was a blessing in disguise. There would be too many family issues that would intrude on a relationship."

"One woman told me I was too intelligent for her. Sure." —Ray, 37, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Glass: "Kissing only takes up half a percentage of the date time-wise, so you have to talk, and she seems either insecure or hostile. But let's note that no opinion is formed in a vacuum, and he probably said something that made her feel insecure about herself and brought out the worst in her."

"A woman told me she was probably going to be too tired the night I asked her out…but she told me this two days ahead of time." —Kevin, 41, Dallas, TX

Dr. Glass: "Barring any medical difficulties, because a lot of people do have health issues, this is passive-aggressive and, really, pretty hostile."

"A girl I liked said she wouldn't date people born the same month she was." —Greg, 22, Wilmington, DE

Dr. Glass: "If she was being truthful and is such a strong believer in astrology, it'd be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the relationship wouldn't work. So why even bother?"

"A girl said that her car broke down and gave me a big, long story about what was wrong. Only problem? I have a car and could have driven her. Plus, I'm a mechanic." —Wally, 20, Chicago, IL

Dr. Glass: "Simply put, she may well be a liar and her car may not have been broken. When you talk too much — when you give too many details, too much information — you're lying."

"She told me she had to go buy the donuts for her Singles with STDs group. Point taken." —Greg, 32, San Diego, CA

Dr. Glass: "That's evil! I mean, come on—she really wanted to keep him away. She's got a great sense of humor, but she's on a power trip and uses it as a weapon. The hair-washing excuse is like using a fly-swatter on a guy; this is like using an Uzi."

Freelance writer Caitlin Ascolese is notoriously bad at giving guys honest shoot-downs; she tends to just dodge their advances instead.
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