Quiz: Is he boyfriend material?

You've been seeing him for a few weeks and are starting to feel like he may turn out to be "someone special." But how can you be sure he's got the stuff to stick around? Can't hurt to gather more information. Why not start by taking this fun quiz to rate his worthiness on the boyfriend scale?

1. When you asked for his contact information, he gave you:
• His pager number (Score = 1)
• His work number (Score = 2)
• His home number (Score 3)
• Everything (Score = 4)
• A dirty look (Score = -1)

2. How well does he know you?
• He knows my pet peeves — he seems to tweak every one. (Score = 1)
• I'm pretty sure he knows my favorite color and foods. (Score = 2)
• We've hung out with my friends and he knows who's who and how I met them. (Score = 3)
• He's asked about my plans for the future and what I want out of life. (Score = 4)
• He knows my last name — I think. (Score = -1)

3. Does he do sweet things and communicate well?
• He says that's my job. (Score = 1)
• Only when he wants some lovin'. (Score = 2)
• Sometimes he's awkward about it, but he tries. (Score = 3)
• Oh, yeah. Early and often! (Score = 4)
• That only happens Harlequin romances. (Score = -1)

4. The topic of past relationships comes up. His response:
• "Why do you want to know?" (Score =1)
• "Don't you worry your pretty little head about that." (Score = 2)
• He squirms a bit, but does divulge the details. (Score = 3)
• He's open and philosophical about his past and the lessons he learned. (Score = 4)
• "That's none of your business." (Score = -1)

5. You tell him you'd like to go to the next level. He:
• Gets a little queasy. (Score = 1)
• Breaks out in a cold sweat. (Score = 2)
• Acts a little nervous, but in a cute way. (Score = 3)
• Is relieved and excited you feel the same way he does. (Score = 4)
• Runs like hell. (Score = -1)

Less than 0: This guy's certifiably single — and should stay that way. Step away from the ride and find a more serious suitor.

0-5: The dude's already got a place in the bachelor hall of fame — and he doesn't seem ready to give it up.

6-10: He's still a player. Unless you want to keep playing the field yourself, you should find someone more interested in a commitment.

11-15: Easy does it. This fella's interested, if not intrepid. If he's cautious, that's cool. If he's afraid of a commitment, that's not. Stick with it to see if he gets more relaxed (good) or more stressed (bad).

16-20: A good man is hard to find, but you've landed one. This man's ready to test the relationship waters and he seems to want to test them with you.

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What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Marriage—I'm definitely looking for The One.

I'd like a committed, serious relationship, but not marriage.

I want someone to have fun with—I'm not ready to settle down.

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