Don’t Pass Up Dates In Glasses!

What do Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe and Justin Timberlake all have in common? They're all specs symbols! Here are four reasons why you should give framed faces another look.

By Grace Bello

orothy Parker once said, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses," but nowadays, men and women who wear frames are quite the spectacle! Here are four reasons why:

1. Geeks are chic.
Let's face it: we geeks have inherited the Earth. While the optically blessed were flaunting their perfect vision — swimming sans myopia, tossing their
We spectacle wearers have proven ourselves to be more studious.
sunglasses on and off without a care in the world — we myopic folk hung out in the shade and read. Or we stayed in our basements making art, or huddled in our rooms writing lines of HTML code. And while the 20/20 and tan kids usually got the most dates in high school, in the grown-up dating world, we spectacle wearers have proven ourselves to be more studious, independent and visionary singles.

Frames have long been a staple among the intelligentsia. Cinemasters Jean-Luc Godard and Woody Allen would be unrecognizable without their iconic glasses. And these days, Tina Fey and NPR's Ira Glass are known not only for their talent and brilliance, they're also famous for their framed faces. It's as if a group of witty pundits got together and decided to brand themselves with their glasses! Knowing this, why not plan your next coffee date with someone who sports a pair?

OK, so your bespectacled date might not direct the next Manhattan or write the next 30 Rock, but one thing's for sure: you'll stay rapt figuring out what's going on behind the eyes hidden behind the eyewear.

2. Spectacles look stylish on both genders.
Because glasses can be pricey, wearers usually opt for the most flattering of frame styles. For the gentlemen, black plastic frames can provide either a conservative or cheekily retro look. While sometimes appearing to be Kissinger-esque, they can also evoke rocker Buddy Holly's iconic look.

For women, a "cat's eye" shape suggests the wearer is a vintage-loving, artsy femme, while metal frames imply simple elegance and pragmatism. Colorful glasses are well-suited for a vibrant personality, evoking visions of East Village bohemian types in non-prescription, chunky red frames. And circular lenses like those favored by John Lennon or Hollywood costume designer Edith Head could indicate an innovative flair.

With the cost and commitment that goes along with wearing glasses instead of contacts, know that our choices are meant to reflect our personalities and aesthetics to the world. The more flamboyant the style of the wearer, the more outlandish the prospective date is likely to be.

(Just remember to steer clear of any lady wearing Sarah Palin-style glasses — because, well, that woman might be Sarah Palin.)

3. Behind those Clark Kent frames lies Superman.
In the DC Comics series, Superman uses a pair of glasses and business suit to masquerade as mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent. Is that all that someone with superpowers needs in
Just remember to steer clear of any lady wearing Sarah Palin-style glasses.
order to blend in — a pair of black frames fitted with non-corrective lenses? If so, then, snag all the bespectacled bachelors you can; one of them may turn out to be "more powerful than a locomotive!"

Seriously, if you've ever dated someone with glasses, then you've experienced the magic of watching a man take off his frames. In that moment, you see an individual transform from the man whom everyone sees to the one that (hopefully) only you get to see. Maybe it's a side that's stronger than any human can possibly be, much like Superman's. Or perhaps even more seductively, it's a side of this person that's more vulnerable, intimate, and erotic — all at the same time. Super, indeed!

4. Who are you calling a "sexy librarian?"
The female analog to Clark Kent is the seductive professional gal. However, mild-mannered she is not. The glasses-wearing woman — often imagined as an attractive librarian, secretary, teacher, or boss — must tone down her image to be taken seriously at work. But once she's off the clock, she lets her strong side shine through.

"More guys hit on me when I wear glasses," says Katie T. of New York City, NY. A beauty who looks good in glasses — for instance, bespectacled Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway — is all the more winsome; she's comfortable with her looks and doesn't need to hide her bad eyesight to attract a date. Not only does her confidence make her suitors swoon, her frames make it easier for one to spot her at a bar or café on your first meet-up. ("Hey, who's the hottie in the Warby Parkers?")

You know that scene in the film noir classic The Big Sleep where the brassy bookstore clerk (played by Dorothy Malone) takes off her glasses and charms Philip Marlowe (played by Humphrey Bogart)? Well, women who keep their glasses on dare to stand out among a sea of perfect peepers, LASIK surgery, and dried-out contact lenses. Big Love actress and fashion designer Chloe Sevigny makes a style statement by wearing frames on the red carpet; Mad Men's sexy boss lady Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) wears her specs at home and still turns heads. The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but glasses are the type of bold decor that can reveal the poised and pretty woman within.

In short, if you've yet to date the bespectacled, give us a second glance. Who knows? You may discover a geeky genius, a sartorial sophisticate, a hunky hero, or a brave damsel.

Grace Bello is a freelance writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Nerve, BUST, The Hairpin, and more. Read more from her at
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