What Her Friendship Style Reveals

Wondering if that woman you just started seeing is The One? How she interacts with her circle of gal-pals should often plenty of clues. Below, we explore eight female friendship types — and their matches.

By LaDawn Black

ant to know if she's The One for you? Look at how she deals with some of the most emotional, invested and consistent relationships in her life — her girlfriends. A woman's role in her inner circle can reveal a lot on how she will handle herself with you. Here are eight friendship types to keep in mind when you're looking for a woman to date.
This may be a hint that she could be hard to get to know in-depth.
Which one's your type?

This woman is constantly befriending everyone she encounters. She's the lady that is quick to call someone a friend and definitely sees the number of people she knows as an indicator of her success or desirability. This lady loves to have lots of acquaintances, but really has no deep relationships or special bonds with any of these people. This may be a hint that she could be hard to get to know in-depth or potentially hard to settle down with in a relationship. Gatherers are good matches for men who are looking for something casual, and they can be hard for men who are looking for commitment to date.

She's just so tuned into how her friends feel and is emotionally affected by everything in life. This woman tells her circle of friends that she loves them and is often the one that's building them up, too. Our emoter is all about how strongly she feels about her girlfriends, so her circle is small and selectively chosen. Emoters can be a wonderful match for those guys desiring a loyal, supportive woman who's open to falling in love. However, she'd be a nightmare for a man looking to date an independent woman or who prefers something casual when it comes to dating, because emoters do not like to let go.

Networking is at the heart of this lady's friendships. For the connector, it's all about linking up people in interesting ways so that everyone's careers, families and even friendships can prosper. She's always looking at her girlfriend circle, trying to figure out who can be of most help to each other and searching for new friends based on how they can make a contribution to the whole group. A connector is a great match for you if you're that guy who needs an extra push to get motivated or achieve success. She's also the perfect partner if you prefer to be social with a purpose. On the other hand, if you're the sort of guy who likes to draw the line between business and personal life, she probably will not work for you. There is no downtime for this lady — all interactions have to result in progress of some kind being made.

Is there a new batch of best girlfriends each month? Does she seem to simply let relationships go without any warning or reason? Then she may be a discarder. These women are easily bored and find long-term friendships a burden to maintain. They're constantly looking for new experiences and stories, so they can't be bogged down with bad times or negative energy. A discarder works well for a man who not particularly interested in deep connections, either. If you're guy who cannot stand to listen to a lot of
The loner has friends, but in most cases, they're very rarely seen or talked about.
bellyaching or complaints, then she may be the right match for you. However, if you need someone who is interested in your feelings and willing to help solve your latest family/work drama, leave this woman alone.

The loner has friends, but in most cases, they're very rarely seen or talked about. She views her friendships as being private and having their own separate place in her life. She may only see her friends a couple of times a year: at reunions, on trips back home or at major life events, such as weddings or births. Her friendships don't define her, and she definitely doesn't need a daily dose of social interaction. The loner's a perfect choice for any man who wants to date a woman who is her own person and an independent thinker. However, she may be a bad match for a man who needs a guy's night out every week or needs his boys to come over often to hang out socially.

Have you ever been around a woman who seems to have the most eclectic mix of friends — from lawyers to artists and even burlesque dancers? We call this type of lady the "sampler," because she simply wants to experience as much of the world as she can through her friendships. Her friends are a variety of ages, ethnicities and careers, and they're usually spread out all over the globe. Her preferred way of making new friends is to pursue people who are different from herself and can teach her something new. The sampler is a perfect match for any man who is also daring and experimental himself. However, if you've got the same four best buddies you've had since the sixth grade, the sampler might scare you to death with her circus of friends. If you think a woman like this could be intimidating, you'd best stay away from her.

The agitator's typically in the middle of all of the drama — and sometimes, she's even the cause of it. Her friends have taken turns dealing with her dramatics more times that you can count. The agitator cannot help but be in the middle of it all, it seems. She feeds off of drama and the cycle of winning and losing people in her life because it makes her feel alive. The agitator is perfect for any man who's craving a little excitement or needs to get out of his comfort zone, but she's not a good match for the guy who likes to fly under the radar or maintain appearances in public.

Her phone rings at all hours because her friends are reaching out, looking for a kind word or remedy for some problem. She remembers all the special moments in her friend's lives and makes sure that each of them gets their own time to shine. The peacemaker is all about stopping a misunderstanding before it starts and is the first person to suggest a sit-down discussion when drama erupts. The peacemaker is the ideal woman for a man who needs a cool head on his side or a calm place in his life to retreat to at the end of the day. She's not really suited to date party boys or hotheads, though, because she isn't fiery enough to hold her own with those types.

LaDawn Black is a relationship expert, radio personality and the author of Tease: Steamy Short Stories. Learn more at
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