Your Date VS Your Dog?

Are you torn by choosing between your dog and a date? We’ll show you how to use color matching to decide which one is a better match for you this weekend.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

ometimes staying home with your pooch seems more appealing than meeting a possible paramour, right? Before you make the couch-potato-versus-social-butterfly decision, you might want to think first about the color blue… or, maybe, gold. “Color matching is a methodology that can instantly tell
Your heart tends to win every time over logic.
you a lot about your personality and, believe it or not, your dog,” says Letitia Fox, creator of Canine Colors. “The colors that attract you reflect your strengths and teach you about yourself as well as your date, depending on the card selection. Comparing that information with the traits attached to your pet may help you decide if you’re better off going out or staying in with your furry friend.”

With that in mind, Fox helped us come up with a “My dog or my date?” do-it-yourself color quiz. Simply pick your favorite color card below, and then ask your date to also select a card. Cross-check with your dog’s color personality and you’ve got an inside look at who might be the better bet for spending time with on a Saturday night.

Pick Your Passion
Get started by picking your favorite of the following four cards. Keep in mind that you may possess traits on more than one card. Just select the one that appeals to you the most at this moment.

If ORANGE is your fancy, you are likely an impulsive and spontaneous sort. A risk taker who craves fun and excitement, you value courage and skill (that can apply to kissing, tennis or whatever). Immediate action is your credo and theories, structured jobs and routine bore you to tears. Patience isn’t your strongest suit (I want it NOW is your battle cry!), but you’re a born leader and natural troubleshooter.

If GOLD gets you going, you are responsible, practical and moral. Home and tradition matter to you. You may need to be reminded that it’s OK to play hard and not just work. Detail-oriented and neat, you feel a need to be useful and are often the backbone of stability in any of the organizations you join or situations you find yourself in.

If BLUE is your hue, you’re a romantic. Your heart tends to win every time over logic. You genuinely love and believe in people and nurture those who enter your world (at work, socially or anywhere). Caring and friendly, you’re also a good communicator and usually the one to keep the peace (“Can’t we all just get along?!”).

If you’re thinking GREEN, it’s no wonder because you’re an idea person. You look for explanations and answers to everything and value intelligence. You’re like an inventor and enjoy tasks that require problem solving, strategy and ingenuity. Perfectionism may be a way of life for you. And as long as you don’t get in your own way, you’re a competent self-starter.

Define Your Dog
Dogs have personalities, too! And they may change as your pet grows from a puppy into a full-grown dog. But certain breeds lean towards certain personality traits. That said, only you can understand your interactions with your pet. But if you identify strongly with one color, then you may match well with a dog that is also your color type (and if you’re thinking of getting a dog, keep these traits in mind).

That doesn’t mean, however, that color mismatches can’t work. Humans possess all four colors, to some degree; when you’re relating to your dog, however, you just have to develop those traits that match up with your pup the best.

Here is a look into your pooch’s personality based on color:

Orange dogs are playful, active and sometimes strong-willed. Easily bored, they may require training because otherwise they’ll do naughty little things to get your attention (i.e., hiding your shoes, “playing” in the trash). Orange dogs are very social and hate being left out. They want to be part of the family. Some typical orange dog breeds: Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Dalmatian, Pit Bull or Terrier mixes.

Gold dogs are super-loyal and protective. They do best when there is order and a sense of routine to their daily lives. These are typically “worker dogs” as they like to have a job and feel lost if they don’t know their purpose. Smart, stable and respectful, these dogs want to make their owners proud. Gold breeds might include German Shepherd, Doberman, or Rottweiler mixes.

Blue dogs are extremely affectionate and want to be your constant companion (prepare to be licked). These dogs are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of their master and really aim to please — but also like to be admired. Blue dogs get VERY attached once you’ve bonded and need a warm and cozy environment with someone who loves them to thrive. Some blue dog breeds include Poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese or Pomeranians.

Green dogs are thinkers and explorers. They actually like formal training and are big on games that challenge them. These dogs can often excel to the point of mastery when given the opportunity. Green dogs may sometimes appear aloof or shy, but they’re more likely deep in thought. Teamwork is big for these breeds. Some green breeds include: Greyhound, Border Collie, Chow or Shetland Sheepdog (i.e., Lassie).

Decipher Your Date
OK, now have your date pick a color card from the people deck just as you did at the beginning of the quiz. Once you know your date’s preference, keep these handy dating tips in mind so you’ll know how to enjoy your time together using these color-themed personality traits.

What orange says about your date: I am all about spontaneity and surprises. A sense of humor is important to me. Let’s laugh, have fun and not take things too seriously.

What gold says about your date: Presentation is very important to me. Please be on time. I value a scheduled and planned date. I respect tradition and integrity.

What blue says about your date: I am a true romantic. Please share your feelings and allow me to share mine. Candlelight and an intimate setting are important to me.

What green says about your date: I am intrigued by knowledge. I am interested in a date that stimulates me mentally. Let’s keep feelings aside and focus on the facts.

Your Date Or Your Dog: Let Color Matching Decide For You
Check out these you-plus-your-date color matches to suss out if you and your date might someday play at the dog park together. The first color is the card you chose instinctively from the people deck, while the second color is the one your date picked.

Orange + orange: This is sure to be a party! Go for it and get ready for a hangover. Leave extra water in the dog bowl.

Orange + gold: No rules will be broken on this date. Go play
No rules will be broken on this date.
fetch with Fido!

Orange + blue: You are sure to be the life of the party. Bring a photo of your dog on this date.

Orange + green: Positive and negative are a potential crash. You will get more loving if you stay home with your pooch, who’s actually a better match for you.

Gold + gold: This match is as good as it gets. Your canine will be waiting for this relationship to unfold.

Gold + orange: Don’t mark this date on your calendar! Plan to teach your dog a new trick instead.

Gold + blue: You’re in for a classic date. Schedule a dog sitter and have fun.

Gold + green: A sense of purpose and mental fulfillment is on the agenda. Bring your dog along on this date.

Blue + blue: Emotional overload. Cuddle on your couch with Sparky if you can’t handle all the mushy stuff.

Blue + orange: Make sure you rest up for this date, because you are in for a wild ride. Leave your “best friend” at home.

Blue + gold: Family and friends will be discussed; this is a date you CAN trust. Sorry, Fido; you two will have to snuggle another time.

Blue + green: This date is the polar opposite of warm and fuzzy. Stay at home with your furry friend for a better night instead.

Green + green: You may just have met your match! Make sure Rover is well cared for before you leave for the date because you won’t be home early.

Green + orange: This chemistry combination will combust when mixed (and not in a good way). Stay home and read about your breed instead of going out.

Green + gold: Your time and intellect will be well valued by your date. Don’t over-analyze it. Your canine will be pleased with this match, too.

Green + blue: This is way too blue for you, so take your canine out for a ride or a stroll instead.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann has been called the “Carrie Bradshaw of Broadway” due to her two careers as a performer and writer. The author of two books — The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First — and countless magazine articles, she’s also the founder of
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