Are You Destined For Love This Spring?

Is your love written in the stars? Read on for a sign-by-sign guide — complete with dos and don’ts to amp up your chances for dating success.

By Barrie Dolnick

t’s ancient history: everybody knows that spring is the cyclical rebirth of nature. We see it in blooming flowers, baby ducks and the birds and the bees. Romance is in the air and, regardless of how rational and logical you are, you’re not immune to the forces of nature. The vernal (spring) equinox heralds a new season of romance each year; will yours simply be a new chapter in your book of love, or will it grow into an epic novel of spectacular proportions?

Your sign is literally the arbiter of spring. The ram’s horns resemble shoots bursting up through the
Your sign is literally the arbiter of spring.
ground. This spring, Venus whisks you out the door and into a burst of social madness. Open yourself up to as many new faces as you can. Your smile is a great way to make an introduction.
Do: Accept new friends, invitations and teasing flirtations from others. You have nothing to lose except loneliness.
Don’t: Retreat into a world made entirely of your fantasies and dreams; it’s time to keep it real, as in real-life interactions.

Shaking off your winter hibernations might get you off to a slow start. You’re not missing anything right away, but just when you think nothing will happen, a crush comes your way. Enjoy a good stretch, step into the sun and prepare for some fun by putting on your dancing shoes for a little romance-a-go-go.
Do: Consider a wardrobe shift and an attitude adjustment. Spring is meant to make you feel happy, not scrappy.
Don’t: Sit this one out. Unique planetary placements can put true love right outside your door, but you have to be willing to open it — right?

Spring awakens in you a slow desire for romance. Be ready to blossom in May when its lovely energy leaves you double-booked for dates — after all, it’s your favorite position to be in! Dates are sure to turn your head a few times but keep track of who it is that really thrills you. There’s one out there in particular who makes you laugh, and that’s all you really need to know.
Do: Take your time. Love has its own pace whether or not you agree.
Don’t: Take it for granted. Finding love is one thing, keeping it going strong is quite another.

Living in the past isn’t on your agenda this spring. Stretch your legs and open your heart to teasing flirtation and exciting new situations. Allow yourself to be coaxed and prodded out of your safety zone so that you can join the party. You are wanted and desired universally — especially from May to June — but don’t let that scare you off.
Do: Be brave. You won’t fall in love sitting at home alone!
Don’t: Second-guess yourself; your heart doesn’t like to argue with your head when it comes to romance.

Your superior sense of intuition about what everyone else is doing makes you inclined to hang back at first. It’s easier to survey the crowd from higher ground, but you’ll want to get into the game soon enough. It’s an amazingly high-spirited season for you with lots of potential. You’re guaranteed to win once you take your first shot.
Do: Be selective. When it comes to love, it’s quality, not quantity.
Don’t: Be a snob. It’s about what’s in your heart; nothing else matters.

Open your spring season by letting yourself be frisky and adventurous. The fact that you are no longer weighed down by troublesome baggage has finally hit you and you’re ready to celebrate. Sprinkle your wit around liberally, dazzle others with your smile and live on the edge a little. Romance is all around you and it’s yours for the taking this
You can’t go wrong if you listen to your heart.
Do: Enjoy yourself, even if you’re a little rusty at it.
Don’t: Over-analyze the consequences before you act; there are just as many reasons to have fun as there are to hold back, so why not enjoy yourself?

Your desire to find lasting love is the strongest and truest it’s ever been. The spring planets conspire to draw you into a romance with long-term potential — but success hinges on whether you’ve unpacked your emotional baggage first. If you’re at peace with your past, true love is waiting; but if you’re still de-cluttering your mind and heart, have some fun, keep it light and wait for the right time to come along.
Do: Take risks, because you have nothing to lose.
Don’t: Get involved if your gut tells you that something’s not right. It just won’t happen if you have to force it.

Your personal magnetism, romantic nature and playfulness are all on display this spring. Combined with your innate irresistibility, these traits put you in the perfect position to achieve cosmic kismet. Even your shy nature can’t dim the glow of romantic energy that surrounds you. So put yourself out there and you’ll be taken away on the wings of romance.
Do: Trust your emotions; you can’t go wrong if you listen to your heart, not your head, this spring.
Don’t: Take the coward’s way out by letting your shy nature get between you and a potential love connection.

Your sense of adventure, intensified by the season’s planetary movements, has you buzzing like bees in a hive. Don’t hesitate: Kick off your spring by meeting and greeting as many potential dates as you can now because you’re scheduled to settle down toward summertime with a honey of your own.
Do: Enter into full-on dating mode; after all, there’s no time like the present.
Don’t: Spend too much time worrying about what you see in the mirror. Confidence is attractive, so get yourself out there!

This season begins with a tug-of-war between love and work fighting for your attention, but the winner here is Cupid. Your flirting abilities reach an all-time high this spring. Your drive to succeed both in life and in love peaks later in the season, helping you achieve the relationship you’ve worked so hard to find.
Do: Put aside your to-do list for now (unless the first item says, “Start dating immediately!”).
Don’t: Track your progress. Love isn’t always logical.

Your idea of romance might not be as predictable as the plot of a Hollywood romantic comedy, but this spring’s planetary influences do predict a nice love story with you in the lead role. As long as you don’t take things too seriously or act stubborn simply for the sake of being different, you could have a great indie film with a happy ending on your horizon.
Do: Give others that don’t seem like your “type” a chance — ordinary is the new quirky.
Don’t: Be your own worst enemy. Let go of the past and move on.

The most romantic sign of the zodiac, you are in a position to find a great love this spring. All of the planets are urging you to connect with new love interests and open yourself up to The One who is part of your destiny. Make the most of your social life now and see how nature takes its course.
Do: Trust your instincts and follow your heart.
Don’t: Talk yourself out of taking a chance at love. After all, you lose 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe.
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