A New Year And A New Love

The New Year can be a motivating, exciting time for a love life makeover. But a change in venue can do just as much good as giving yourself a new look.

By Christopher DeLorenzo

s January approaches, we start thinking about what's coming next. We usually reflect upon what we've been through over the last year, what our goals are for the future and how in the heck we’re going to create positive change in our lives.

For those of us who are single, this includes new
Hello! You need a change of venue.
ways to find a partner. But if you've been down this road a few times already, you're probably not sure how to approach it in a new way.

One sure-fire way to meet more potential matches is to respond to an online personal or post a profile yourself. Cool online dating sites are great alternatives to printed personals in local publications and usually offer more eligible singles to choose from — plus photos!

But what can we do differently to make this new year's love a success? This is no simple question; hang on, though, dear readers, because I have some straight forward answers for you.

First of all, take this advice of my friend who once said, "If it isn't working and you do it anyway, stop doing it!"

If you go to the same hang outs on your own — or with your friends — and you're always hoping to meet someone special there, but you never do ... Hello! You need a change of venue.

One change you can create in this new year is to visit new venues.
Most importantly, be true to yourself.
Perhaps it's time to go out to a few new bars and restaurant, cafes, art openings, laundry mats (you fill in the blank) with someone other than the same old group of pals.

Maybe it's time you said okay to that kooky guy or gal at the office that is always inviting you along for Friday night cocktails with his or her friends. One great way to make change and meet new people is to mix it up a little. You're bound to meet new people to date this way!

Most importantly, be true to yourself. Don't try to "remake" yourself in the new year. Okay, a new haircut (or hair color) or some new clothes are always a great way to feel fresh and more desirable. But if you choose these changes, choose them for the most important reason: To give to yourself. Even a gym membership and a more physically fit body won't guarantee that you'll attract more people, but the feeling of confidence and self-worth that you exude might.

Nothing is more attractive than a person who values his or herself and is involved in his or her own life. Whether you're posting an online profile or meeting a new face in a bar, be honest and let potential partners meet the real you. That's easy when you think about it — and definitely something you can do all year long.

Christopher DeLorenzo is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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