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Top 7 deal-breakers for midlife daters

Worried your hot date could turn ice-cold with a wrong move? Avoid these turn-offs and you’re gold!

By Laura J. Schaefer

5 secrets men keep from women

For couples, good communication is key — so why does he hide certain things from you? Find out here.

By Chelsea Kaplan

Top questions for singles over 50—answered

Not sure what to wear, whether to fudge your age, or even if you’re ready to date? Advice ahead.

By Nina Malkin

How to stop dating the wrong person

Here’s why you keep accidentally falling for the wrong “type” — and how to break the habit for good.

By Dana Robinson

10 offbeat places to meet single men

Skip that Norah Jones concert! Here, an insider’s peek at where the guys really are.

By Lisa Lombardi

Ways to create sparks on a first date

Tricks to click the moment you meet — where to go, what to say, even how to stare in their eyes.

By Matt Schneiderman

How “fake flirts” drive true love away

Not feeling that spark with your date after all? Here’s why you shouldn’t fake it just to be polite.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

Three questions to answer before you break up

Good relationships aren’t effortless, you know! Try these tips for dealing with romantic conflicts.

By Theo Pauline Nestor

Five crucial questions to ask your love interest

Assess your true compatibility with someone by asking these deceptively simple questions on a date.

By Dave Singleton

Just got dumped? Here are 5 reasons to celebrate

After a breakup, it’s easy to despair — here's why you’re better off moving on instead of moping.

By Evan Marc Katz

Eight men confess: “Here’s why I cheated...”

Guys share the real reasons they stray…it’s not necessarily what you think!

By Chelsea Kaplan

Dating mistakes that turn men off

Get gracious by avoiding these etiquette blunders, and you’ll be able to charm any man’s heart.

By Amanda May

How to make your first date a successful one

Whether you’re young and naive or older and a bit wiser, we’ve got dating advice for you here.

By Judy Mandell and Craig Malkin, Ph.D.

Tips to rewire your brain for romance

Feel doomed to stay single forever? Here’s how to turn that negative mindset into a positive one.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

When to reveal your romantic goals

Dating experts offer advice on when and how to put your relationship timeline out there.

By Evan Marc Katz

How to tell if your honey’s being dishonest

Is your date lying, or simply nervous? Here, one expert explains how to read the nonverbal clues.

By Chelsea Kaplan


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