Looking to meet someone new or have a better dating experience? There is, of course, an app for that! Smartphones are changing the way we do just about everything...they may as well enhance the way we date. One of the most significant changes iPhones, Androids, tablets and their ilk bring to the table is the ability to participate in online dating while you’re out and about. These tools allow you to meet new people anytime, anyplace — maybe even in your favorite neighborhood coffee shop or bar. And beyond that first meeting, these applications also allow you to easily make plans — like dinner reservations — on the spot. Finally, these smartphone apps provide daters with additional handy tools, such as expert relationship advice, flirting tips and even the perfect cocktail recipe. What more could you ask for?

1. Date Smart
If you want to wow your date with unique plans for your next outing, check out Date Smart. This GPS-enabled application lets you find the ideal places for romance in your ZIP code, and it doesn’t stop there — it also has lots of tips for making your time together more memorable, whether you’re looking for an outdoor activity or something cultural to do together. It even contains advice on enjoying a special night in, as well as dining suggestions around your neck of the woods. Date Smart also provides a link for more information about each particular date suggestion when you input your location so that you can make an informed choice about where to go.
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Bonus Suggestion: Slots of Love is another app with dating tips arranged in a slot machine-style format that can give you a little romantic help when you need it — and it also features user-submitted ideas.

2. Date Escape
We’ve all been there: exactly 22 minutes into your blind date, you’ve realized that sparks are never going to fly and your ears might start to bleed if you actually listen to another hour of this person spouting passionate opinions about The Real Housewives franchise or the NFL draft. You want to cut it short, but don’t want to look like a jerk. What you really need is a well-timed “emergency” call. The Date Escape application sends fake calls and texts to your phone so you can end a bad date early.

Bonus Suggestion: Try the Excuse Me or Fake-A-Text Free apps for the same service; the former covers phone calls only, while the latter provides a variety of text options (including randomly generated “emergency” texts and scripted conversations).

3. OpenTable
Make restaurant reservations without actually having to talk to anyone using this convenient application. All you have to do is enter the time and date you wish to dine and the number of people in your party; then, this handy tool displays available tables that meet your criteria on a list or map, depending on your preferences. You’ll never have to stare at your date and say, “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” again! Better yet, if you’re already an OpenTable member through their website, each reservation you make using the app helps you rack up reward points for free meals that are redeemable at participating restaurants.

Bonus Suggestion: To further impress your date, make sure you also have the Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets and Local Concerts apps installed on your phone. These two handy tools help you quickly browse local movie theater listings or find a good live music show to attend and then purchase your tickets. Not sure where you’re headed? Both apps can provide directions to your chosen theater or venue.

4. Jimmy the Bartender App
Men’s Health magazine’s Jimmy the Bartender (who serves as an expert advice columnist) now has his own application that includes lots of helpful features and info just for single guys. The Jimmy the Bartender app comes loaded with a GPS-enabled guide to good bars, tips for approaching women and drink recipes for when you’re entertaining at home. What more could a savvy bachelor need? This app also includes The Instant Wingman, which suggests the perfect way to approach women when you’re out on the prowl by yourself. Simply enter where you are, what the girl’s doing and who she’s with into The Instant Wingman, then wait for Jimmy’s expert advice before making your move. Also included is Win Any Bar Game, which gives you tips and tricks for mastering popular watering hole pastimes such as billiards and darts.

Bonus Suggestion: If you like the idea of holding millions of pick-up lines in the palm of your hand, also check out the iFlirt (includes tips for both genders), Pickup Pro, and iPickupLines apps.

5. How to Flirt – wikiHow
Sure, there are lots of apps out there to help you locate and maybe even meet singles in your ‘hood...but what then? Learn how to charm Mr. or Ms. Right with this well-reviewed app from wikiHow. This guide to flirting was written by 113 editors and has tips on everything from body language to getting someone’s phone number.

Bonus Suggestion: If you enjoy receiving a little extra help with your dating mojo via your phone, check out wikiHow’s Love Survival Kit app as well. This one has tips on writing love letters, looking good, and fixing your relationship...over 75,000 topics in all. Another wealth of dating and love advice can be found using the Savage Love app, which is a virtual vault containing nearly 20 years’ worth of Dan Savage’s sage advice covering love, sex and relationships.

Laura Schaefer is the author of The Secret Ingredient. Find out more at www.teashopgirls.com.

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