Q and A With… Jane Kaczmarek

The star of Raising the Bar on cougars, good kissers, and more...

In TNT’s Raising the Bar, your character has a relationship with your younger sexy co-star, Jonathan Scarfe. Have you ever dated a younger man?

I have! For a little while—he was ten years younger. But that was silly. I was in New York in the 80s when we were all crazy. It was ill-advised!

Nowadays, they call that a cougar!

I just heard that expression! Which I didn’t realize was such a real thing!

But hypothetically, if you weren’t married, would you want a younger man?!

I would be so worried it would be, you know, like he was coming home from college expecting you to do the laundry! I think there’s something really wonderful about dating people your own age. You have the same aches and pains. You like the same music. I mean, technology scares the hell out of me! I wouldn’t want a guy who was too proficient with his BlackBerry — I don’t like all of that! I don’t know — I think I’m turning into my Polish grandmother or something!

Does your husband, West Wing actor Bradley Whitford, have a comment about your boy toy on the show?!

He is actually doing a play in New York right now, playing a fellow in Paris who is engaged to three airline stewardesses! So he’s making out with three different women! Which is why he doesn’t mind what I am doing! And I’m happy he’s away—I get the bed all to myself! And Jonathan more than makes up for those stewardesses! He’s a really good kisser!

Would you ever want to act in something with your hubby?

No! No—we did a play once. I played his mother and his psychiatrist. We couldn’t stop laughing at each other. We had a good time, but we realized it wouldn’t work—we were too busy laughing at each other the whole time!

What do you think is the secret to a great relationship?

I guess you give each other a lot of room. You know, just because you’re married, you don’t always want the same thing. Going away to do a play for six months is something wild horses couldn’t have dragged me to do. But it’s really important to him. So, you kind of choose your battles.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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