Q and A With… Holly Hunter

The Saving Grace star speaks out on love, being sexy over 40, and more.

In TNT’s Saving Grace, you play one tough cop chick with her very own guardian angel! Plus she is having a clandestine connection with her (married) partner (The Shield’s Kenny Johnson). Do you think she is ever going to settle down into one relationship?

No! I have to say there’s always this inherent desire for a man to be the answer to all of women’s dilemmas, but in Grace’s case, I don’t think that that is the deal.

Your character is pretty out there—dancing around with little clothes on, etc. What’s that like for you?

Well, it’s pretty fun. It’s kind of a dream come true, to get to play a person who doesn’t have normal limitations on her own self, doesn’t censor her own needs and desires. I loved last season for example, when her neighbor lost his cat, which he regarded like family. Grace had sex with him, which was a perfect example, a healing gesture, of who she is. I find her extraordinarily generous—it’s not all for narcissistic fulfillment. She has an extreme desire to fulfill others’ needs or help them. It’s interesting.

Is it hard to do the sex scenes on camera?!

No, there are other scenes that are more difficult to do. I find it refreshing to have that to express. I like to express it. Partly because there’s a drought on being able to express it. No one does. In American movies, nobody talks about a woman’s sexuality. And here, I get to do that in spades. I have an appetite to express it because there’s so little exploration of that.

There’s a small contingent of women who are redefining sexy after age 40. What’s that all about for you?

I think it really started with cable. I keep thinking it’s going to be over soon, because it really feels like the “Wild, Wild, West.” It’s like all bets are off and anything, is possible. I feel as much alive now than I have at any other age in my life. Creatively, I certainly don’t feel like I reached any zenith at 30. I keep living and wanting to express myself.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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