Q and A With… Rob Morrow

The star of Numb3rs on why love is better later in life, how to fight with the one you love, and more.

On CBS’ Numb3rs, your character never seems to stay in a romantic relationship for too long!

Yeah, he keeps ending it! He has those commitment issues, as some people often do. But really I would love to see him get into a long-term relationship. It would illuminate him in a way we have yet to see.

You are happily married, what do you think is the secret to a great relationship?

First of all, I love my wife like crazy! That’s half the battle right there! Also, I really want to be the best husband I can be, and I think having that intention is a great thing for relationships.

Plus, we have been in and out of therapy over the years. That gave us some tools and some awareness of behavior that has really helped us out a lot. We’re in really good shape now. We used to get into a lot more fights and now our fights are short-lived. It used to be, ‘Oh, you’re in a fight?! I want out of this thing!’ But now it’s not that. It’s like, ‘All right, we’ll get through it.’ Which is really great!

Do your friends come to you for romantic advice?
Every once in a while, they do, yes! And on the set, I am one of the elder statesmen on the show, so sometimes someone will ask me for my views.

What have you learned about romantic relationships overall?

I think they are the best way to really know yourself. When someone sees through your veneer, that face you want to project, that’s when you really understand yourself and try to evolve as a person. And be a better, happier person. I don’t know if I could have done it any other way.

We always like to inspire our readers—what’s a recent romantic event you guys shared together?

We always have nice times. We like to go to dinner and spend time together. It doesn’t even matter really. I am a very romantic person—or I try to be! I like to pretend it’s Valentine’s Day all year long!

If you were to give dating advice to guys looking for a great spouse, what would you tell them?

I would say to definitely wait until you are 35 before you get married. You get to work out a lot of your demons and really experience the single lifestyle so that you can be ready for something great to come into your life. If you don’t get that out of the way, you’ll find yourself wanting more — with someone else — when you are in the relationship, and that’s not good. So I really think the older you get, the more you understand things.

Ever had a bad date?!

Sure! But I was never just a dater, really! By the time I started dating someone, I really knew her well already. I was always working with someone, and hanging out with someone, and by the time it happened, we really knew each other. Funny how that happened for me.

I guess I did do some dating, I just don’t even remember! That’s what happens when you are in a great relationship!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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