Q and A With… Rachel McAdams

The star of Married Life speaks out on the allure of bad boys, falling in love with more than one person… and more.

In Married Life, you play a young woman who finds herself caught up in intense love relationships—one with a married man (The Kingdom’s Chris Cooper) and the other with his best friend (Pierce Brosnan). What does this film teach people about our romantic involvements?

They’re incredibly complex and unique. There are no right answers!

This film sheds a lot of light on the complications of relationships. You don’t always feel what you’re supposed to feel, and you’re not always the person that other people think you are. You’re not even always the person you think you are, until push comes to shove and your character is tested.

Kay is a character who has suffered an incredible amount of loss—her father died when she was young, and she recently lost both her mother and her husband. What do you think makes her fall for this married man?

She’s spent a lot of time with herself, and I think she’s lost touch with reality a little bit. I think she’s drawn to Harry because they’re both a little bit broken and need mending—and they comfort each other. I think that’s very relatable.

But it seems comfort is not enough to satisfy someone—which is exactly why women also fall for the lovable cad! In this case, it’s Pierce’s character, Richard!

Yes, when Richard comes along, Kay starts to feel the wind in her hair and the leather seats in his car! He brings her out of her shell.

Pierce is also the narrator in this film. He ponders, Do you think you really know the person you are sleeping next to? What do you think?

Not inside and out, no… never, you never can. And I wouldn’t want to, personally. I think it keeps it exciting. You want to be with an individual in the beginning and you appreciated them for the things you didn’t know about, right? You want to keep some of that.

What was it like to stare into the eyes of the very sexy Pierce Brosnan?!

Hypnotizing! He is great and he plays the character very well. He would have been great in the 1940s; he knows how to take care of a woman—sweep her off her feet and just do everything right. It made my job very easy!

Do you think romances were, well, more romantic back in the 1940s?

I don’t think so. I actually think we have more of an obsession with romance nowadays. You don’t just stay with the guy that you met in high school. There is more of a seeking out that one person who is perfect for you on every level, which is obviously impossible to find. If anything, I think we idealize love now. It’s become very fairy-tale now.

Do you think you can have more than one soul mate?

I think you can fall in love with a few people! I think some people just find one, that’s just their destiny. But most of us have room in our heart for a few!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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