Q and A With… Eva Longoria

The star of Over Her Dead Body and Desperate Housewives star talks about romance, great gifts and Valentine’s Day gestures.

In Over Her Dead Body, you wind up as a bitchy ghost who doesn’t like the idea of her ex dating a new girl and ends up harassing her!

You only get to see her in that first scene and then she gets killed off! Thankfully I wasn’t that bitchy for my own wedding! But I can see why she was, since she wanted everything done right. She dies on her wedding day and loses the man she loves so she thinks she is totally justified in her actions. She just wasn’t ready to give it up, and I would be the exact same way. I told Tony (her husband, basketball star Tony Parker), “I would totally haunt you, and not move on!”

Would you be as jealous?!

I would totally NOT let him move on. I would just stick around and be like, “You’re not moving on until I move on. We’re in this together, this life, the afterlife, and the next, next life.”

You seem like such a fun person to be around! Do you have any annoying habits?!

I’m cranky when I’m sick! Tony is like, “God, you better hurry up and get better!” I’m sure there are other things as well! I’m not perfect, I just work with what I got!

Tell me something sweet you’ve done recently for Tony.

He’s a huge Alien Vs. Predator fan, and for the longest time, he’s been wanting the Alien and the Predator statues, and we’re building our house in San Antonio, and he wanted the statues for our theater. I looked everywhere for them, and I finally found them, and that’s what he got for Christmas, the seven-foot Alien, and the seven-foot Predator. They’re life-size, giant action figures — the Alien has the drool, and when he opened them for Christmas he was so excited! When I saw them for the first time, I was like, “Oh my God, that’s so scary! I don’t want that in the house!” So, now I don’t want them in the house, and I’m the one that got them!

If you got him giant action figures for Christmas, what did Tony get you?!

I have a good husband. He got me high heels and diamonds. He got me Christian Louboutin shoes and a diamond tennis bracelet! He also got me, which was really sweet... He has three championship rings, and every time you get a championship ring, they give the wives a championship pendant which is an exact replica, so it’s the exact same thing. Now I was there for 2005, and for 2007, which is why I have two pendants, but I wasn’t there for 2003. So he made me the 2003 pendant, so I would have the same three rings that he has. That was probably the best Christmas gift!

How will you two celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We actually have a vow to not give each other presents on Valentine’s Day. We’re going to do “gestures,” like a romantic dinner...

Got it, something traditional. Speaking of traditional, you took Tony’s name now!

Yes, I am a total traditionalist. I really wanted to take his name. Tony didn’t care, he said to do what I want, but I really wanted to be Eva Longoria Parker! But then he saw my name on the trailer and he was so happy! It’s not hyphenated, Longoria just moved over into the middle!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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