Decode Her Halloween Costume

Guys, want to get a bead on what a new or potential date is really like? Then learn how to analyze her fright-night get-up.

By Margot Carmichael Lester

alloween’s just around the corner. With all those parties and parades, there’s plenty of opportunity to scope out a new girlfriend or have a fun first date. But what does her choice of costume reveal about her? Here’s a look at some popular Halloween costumes and what they may (or may not) tell you about her.

Costume: Snow White
One of the most popular costumes
If your date wears something sexy, ask yourself who she’s trying to impress.
of all time, single guy Chad Pebbley of Minneapolis says he might go slowly if his date was donning this one. “Snow White was good and pure and kind,” he says. “But maybe she was so pure she wouldn’t be interested in a little trick-or-treating, if you know what I mean.”

Expert analysis: Now, now—sometimes a costume is just that… an outfit that disguises one’s true nature. “Behind that Snow White exterior could be a wild love goddess,” says Dee Kent, a communications specialist in Dallas. “Don’t judge this book by her cover.”

Costume: Geisha
A woman who dons a kimono is telling you one of two things, according to veteran dater, Howie Schwartz of Sunnyvale, CA. “Maybe she’s eager to please—which would be kind of cool. To a point. I want her to think and do for herself, too, not be some kept woman who expects a lot in return for looking after my needs.”

Expert analysis: “Although initially alluring because it can be endearing, a selfless pleaser is dangerous,” says Marc Rudov, author of The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women. “Overdoing the pleasing is actually a sign of passive/aggressive behavior.”

Costume: Wonder Woman
The famous super-heroine remains a perennial favorite at Halloween time. “Any woman with the guts to don a Wonder Woman costume is going to be self-confident,” reckons Houston Rogers of Chicago. “After all, it’s pretty skimpy. And I’d like to think she was self-reliant and capable. Although you’d have to wonder if she’d ever let you do anything for her, you know? A guy wants to feel needed, after all.”

Expert analysis: Jason Pebworth, lead singer of the band Orson, wrote a song called Saving the World about dating superheroes. “You're sliding on my favorite boots/and those tights are such a
A “superhero” may be too busy saving the world to focus on you.
tease/But you never wear that stuff for me.” The message: Don’t assume this woman will embrace the Wonder Woman persona once October 31st passes. Also worth considering: It could be cool dating a confident woman. Or she could be too busy saving the world to give you the attention you need. Says Rudov, “If you like to feel important to your woman, she is so wrong for you. Don't rationalize or fool yourself into thinking otherwise.”

Costume: Sexy Angel
Probably the most-requested sexy costume, along with the naughty nurse. “If my date wore that to a big party, I might think she was taunting the other guys,” notes Roger Fedorovsky of Los Angeles. “Of course, I’d look like a stud for bringing such a hot date, unless she started flirting. Then I’d look like a chump.”

Expert analysis: If the woman wearing this is single, she’s telling you she’s available and looking for contact. But if she’s your date, well, that’s different. Very different. “This behavior is akin to the oil light flashing on your car's dashboard,” Rudov suggests. “She is telling you, in advance, that she is insecure, immature, and a great candidate for infidelity. Is that what you want?”

While a person’s choice in costume isn’t proof-positive of what lies beneath, it pays to pay attention to your hunches, Rudov says. “Never ignore hunches—they always mean something, and first impressions are usually accurate,” he explains. “We've been socialized to overlook people's faults, and this causes us to tolerate objectionable behavior. In this society, weeding out harmful people becomes more challenging and increasingly necessary.” Hey, if a Halloween costume can help you do just that, why not?

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Freelance writer Margot Carmichael Lester’s Halloween costumes have include the Enron whistleblower. She’s not sure what message men took from that outfit.
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