Gals, Who’s Your Celeb Crush?

Did you know that the actor you pine over can actually reveal a lot about your relationship style? Read on for details!

By Chelsea Kaplan

ave you been drooling over Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles since you were in middle school? Believe it or not, your cinematic crush may reveal more than a mere penchant for tall, dark and handsome men, says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., the host of Detroit's popular Love Doctor live television and radio programs. Curious as to why certain movie characters make your heart melt? Check out this guide to what your cinematic crush says about what type of guy you’re really looking for.

The Bad Boy
Having a crush on a player can mean you have a need for attention.
George Clooney in Ocean’s Thirteen, Colin Farrell in Miami Vice, and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

You’re really looking for: Someone who is exciting, adventurous, and even a little bit dangerous. This guy lives life on the edge, and if you’re with him, you’ll get the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side right along with him.

The Love Doctor weighs in: “Women who are professionally successful and highly achievement-oriented are often attracted to a bad boy because being with someone who is unreliable and spontaneous — their complete opposite — is very exciting and sexy. Because he’s not someone to settle down with, in choosing him you communicate that you aren’t yet ready for a quality relationship. Instead, you are looking for fun and probably feeling the need for a little rebelliousness. You might even be a bit unhappy, but not ready yet to look at your life. You haven’t yet realized that your heart will pump faster when you find someone who is similar, not your opposite.”

The Peter Pan
Vince Vaughn in The Break-Up, Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch, and Jack Black in School of Rock

You’re really looking for: A man who wants and needs to be taken care of. You adore his carefree, kid-like attitude, which feels fresh and different to you, even if it does remind you of being an older sister. When the two of you spend an afternoon playing hooky from work, its tremendous fun makes you feel young and giggly again, which is refreshing.

The Love Doctor weighs in: “If you’re attracted to an ‘I won’t grow up’ kind of guy, you tend to be someone to whom others turn for advice and help because you’re a very solid, reliable person. You’re glad to be that kind of person, but you may feel weighed down by always being the responsible one or feel like there’s too much structure or ‘adulthood’ in your own life. In picking this guy, you choose your opposite — someone who most certainly isn’t structure-oriented — and that provides you with the escape you need.

The Player
Will Smith in Hitch, Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions, and Jude Law in Alfie

You’re really looking for: The boost to your own self-image that you gain from being with someone who others find highly attractive.

The Love Doctor weighs in: “Choosing this type of guy can indicate a host of different things. Picking a player can suggest a need for attention. By wanting to be with
If you choose a bad boy, it suggests you want fun—not a serious relationship.
someone who not only has a reputation for being a hot commodity, but also is known for being with the ‘hottest women,’ your stock with others rises. It’s also possible that you have low self-esteem if this is your type, because you don’t think you can get a man on your own merits. Lastly, the fact that you’re pursuing a manipulative, arrogant hottie says that you’re not looking for the marrying type.”

The Sweet, Sensitive Guy
Zach Braff in Garden State, John Cusack in Say Anything, and Adrien Brody in King Kong

You’re really looking for: A keeper. Someone who will get along with your friends and family, be your best friend, confidant and your lover. This is a guy who was telling the truth in his profile: He really does like to talk long walks and watch the sunset!

The Love Doctor weighs in: “In picking a kind and considerate guy, you’re indicating that you want a mate who is confident and able to share and express his feelings to you. You have a calm, confident attitude about love—and plenty of time to explore it with this guy. You’re ready for a real relationship, and chances are, he is too. This could be the real thing.”

The Warrior
Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard, Brad Pitt in Troy, and Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings

You’re really looking for: A man who is powerful and aggressive. This guy knows what he wants, goes for it and always gets it. You love that he’s tough and nearly always emerges victorious when he engages in battle—be it on the court, the field, the battleground or in the workplace.

The Love Doctor weighs in: “You like the idea of a man taking control of the relationship; his power turns you to mush. In picking a guy like this, you don’t necessarily have to have control over what goes on in your relationship all the time. He’s got raw sexuality, and you do too, so you’re a hot pair.”

The Workaholic
Topher Grace in In Good Company, Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, and Richard Gere in Shall We Dance?

You’re really looking for: Someone who won’t be turned off by your busy schedule.

The Love Doctor weighs in: “You are a person who likes to do things on her own. In fact, you may be a bit of a workaholic yourself and believe that sexy text messages back and forth aren’t such a bad stand-in for the real thing once in a while. You don’t mind hanging out with the girls or pursuing your own career, because time with your partner is like a rich dessert—you enjoy it all the more because it’s infrequent. You get what you need out of your relationship, although you may not see your partner or spend as much time with him as others do in their relationships. You get plenty of affirmation from others in your life like friends, family and co-workers.”

Chelsea Kaplan is deputy deputy at www. Her blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at
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