Dating Clichés - Truth Exposed

Is there really any truth to those old dating clichés? Let’s have a look.

By Analise Pendergast

all them pearls of wisdom or clumps of dung, but anyone walking around in the wide wonderful world of dating is bound to encounter a cliché or two. It’s par for the course, all in a day’s work, a no-brainer.

All the best guys are either taken or they’re gay
Or, metrosexual! The days of disheveled-chic are
But the keyword here is chemistry, not color.
seriously over, and millions of very excellent single straight men are getting a clue when it comes to grooming, personal style, even furniture. So, while some prime catches may still be spoken for, or dancing in the other camp, there’s a whole new crop of available heterosexuals out there that are all cleaned up and ready to date.

Once you go black, you’ll never go back
True, lovers of color may indeed be habit-forming—if the chemistry really happens to spark your particular reactors. But the keyword here is chemistry, not color. Whether you’re a diversity buff or you swear you’ve found the one true thing, the mysteries of sexual attraction are very individualized affairs, and are different for each and every one of us.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
And by extension, last year’s fantasy date is this year’s ball and chain. If your relationship’s sprouted some crabgrass, beware that shiny perfect hunk o’ love across the room who, by proxy,
Make that low-carb, free-range, baked-not-fried, home-schooled, oh never mind.
promises all the improbable things your bored little heart desires. Good as it may look from here, it’s fertile ground for dried-up hopes and wilted hearts.

Big feet, big pete
Statistically speaking, not true. According to a University College London study, there’s no evidence linking a man’s shoe size to the measurement of his nose, thumbs or other extremities. Of course, you may decide to conduct your own studies on an individual basis, just to be sure.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
Make that low-carb, free-range, baked-not-fried, home-schooled, oh never mind. True, a talent for whipping up a fabulous meal is a very endearing quality. But if you’re not exactly a Martha in the kitchen, men are also said to be quite taken by a fun and confident spirit, a great smile, a warm personality. No cooking classes required—just a perfectly seasoned gourmet heart.

Bowlers make better lovers
Or wait—was it truckers? Uh, vegetarians? Or maybe it was cyclists, single parents, pole vaulters, computer geeks, pagans, Italians, redheads, folks over 40, folks under 40, Eskimos, bakers, bankers, barbers, baseball players—Whatever. Obvious conclusion? When it comes to love, there’s something for everybody, and it’s all good.

Analise Pendergast is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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