“My Very Public Search For Love…”

Find out what’s happening to the stars of the new ad campaign—are they getting tons of emails and winks? Find out here.

By Amy Spencer

he ad campaign has been in full swing for a few weeks now, and it’s hard to turn on the television or open a magazine without seeing a smiling face of one of the members featured in the ads. But is the exposure helping these people find love?

Well, one thing is clear. The members agree they’re finding a big change in one very important place: their in-boxes. Yep, they’ve got mail—and a lot of it. This week, read about the influx of winks and interesting messages they’re getting from men and women all over the world… and whether they’ve forged any love connections.

The flurry of fans
Before the campaign began, New York member Jamie (NYCGingerGirl) says she got about 3 or 4 messages a day. Now? “I get about 20 a day. But,” she specifies, “about 95
The busiest dater in the ads so far? Kirsten, 72 years old!
percent of them are from people who are not in New York City, and not in my age range.” Still, she finds the newfound attention really fun. In fact, she was curious to know how many people were viewing her profile even though they weren’t writing to her. “I reset my viewed counter to 0 in the morning, and by the evening, it was almost 900 in one day!”

Fred (ArtfullyUrs), a 45-year-old creative consultant who paints as a hobby, says he used to get about 1 message a week—and now he gets 5 to 10 a day! But they’re mostly winks, which reminds him of the time a female friend told him she preferred email messages over winks. “As a guy, I never understood that,” he says. Until now. “I get far more winks than messages,” he says. He wishes things were a bit different. “If you’re going to take the time to wink at me, you should write a note. Otherwise, you’re just in a sea of a thousand winks. I’m much more inclined to open up an email first.”

Then there’s Kirsten (Danishbeauty22), a 72-year-old widow from Denmark who lives an active life in Brooklyn, New York. A little over a year ago (about two years after the death of her husband), she joined and had gone on a few nice dates since. But, she says, things have really picked up since the ad campaign came calling. “Now I get about 4 to 6 responses every day!”

The most memorable messages
The majority of the messages these “stars” have received so far are kind words from members who are generally compatible with what they’re looking for. Like the emails that Ed (exercizeguy) has been getting: “Some of these gals are gorgeous,” laughs Ed. “One girl wrote me, and smoke was coming out of my ears!”

But these same members have also found themselves reading a few messages from odd matches (er, maybe we should say un-matches). “I specified that I’m looking for men 60 to 70 years old in my area,” explains Kirsten (Danishbeauty22), “and I got one email from a young cowboy in New Zealand, which isn’t what I really had in mind!” And he wasn’t the only young male who contacted her. “I’ve gotten emails from lots of 40-year-olds and 50-year-olds and even one from a 28-year-old,” adds a surprised Kirsten. She responded to that last one with an affable, ‘Don’t you realize I could be your grandmother?’”

Jamie (NYCGingerGirl) has been getting some equally unexpected emails. “One guy from Florida said he’d fly me to South Beach so we could go out on his boat.” (Tempting, she admits, but she turned down the offer.) She is, however, accepting the sweet compliments she’s getting from all over the country. “Around Christmas, one man said, ‘I wish you were under my tree this year!’ And a man from Alaska wrote to say, ‘Your smile brightens my day.’ It feels good to read that. It’s flattering.”

A few first dates…
Now that a couple of weeks have passed, the members say they’re feeling optimistic about the future of their love lives. And Ed (exercizeguy) chooses to write back the ones who have a lack of pretension. Ed hasn’t chosen anyone to go on a date with yet (“I’m very picky!” he says) but he knows what he likes when it comes to reading a potential date’s profile. “I like unpretentious, authentic people,” says Ed. “And I like to see photos of
Though he lives in L.A., Fred’s flirting with a woman from Alabama…
them in their real life, doing what they say they’re interested in doing. If they like to travel and have fun, then I like seeing scenes from their vacations, or with their friends.”

And due to his busy work schedule, Fred (ArtfullyUrs) hasn’t had a date yet either. Keeping up with the emails is “definitely challenging,” he says, because when he doesn’t get around to checking his emails for a day, “it starts piling up.” But, he jokes, “It’s not a bad problem to have!” However, he says he’s close to setting up a date with a 28-year-year old in his hometown of Los Angeles. Because Fred is formerly from Texas and Atlanta, he was drawn to this woman born in Alabama—especially because she’s one of the few who appreciated the comment in his profile that says, ‘A way to get to my heart is to make me chicken and dumplings like my Mom used to make.”

The busiest dater of the bunch so far? Seventy-one-year-old Kirsten (Danishbeauty22), who has gone on four dates already. One date was with a 68-year-old who took her to Spice Market, a hot new restaurant in the city’s meatpacking district for dinner (“He seemed a bit too old for me,” she laughs). Another was with a gentleman from Anguilla who took her out when he came to New York City on a business trip. And she’ll continue to date with the same optimism she started with. All this emailing and dating “is not exactly the most relaxing thing to do,” says Kirsten, “but I am hell-bent on finding this person I know is going to be out there.”

So will one of this emails or first dates lead down the path to true love? Stay tuned for updates on the members who are in’s “It’s Okay to Look!” campaign every two weeks on Learn more at

Amy Spencer has written for Glamour, Real Simple, Maxim and many other national publications.

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