Dating Diary - One Woman’s Story Part 7

She’s been flirting like crazy with a guy who’s already taken. Will their friendship stay innocent, or will they cave and kiss anyway? Answers ahead.

By Maggie Kim

n the last installment of Happen’s dating diary, Maggie started a flirtation with James, the gorgeous new drummer in her band who, alas, has a serious girlfriend. Things have been innocent enough, but the news that his steady is leaving the country for several months has Maggie wondering if their flirtation could turn into something more…

Tuesday, 11:17 p.m.
Just got off the phone with my band’s cute new drummer, James. We’ve been talking nearly every night. Mainly about the band or music, but we’ve also talked about
James says he’s nervous about marriage. Does that mean he wants a break from his girlfriend?
relationships. His girlfriend’s left for her study program abroad, and he’s told me more about how they met (at a bar in Los Angeles) and why they moved to New York (to pursue their respective careers). She’s older than he is by about five years, though, and is looking to get married. James definitely sounded nervous about that. Um, is that his way of saying he wants out—and that maybe I’m the ticket? I can’t believe I’m falling for yet another unavailable guy, but we have such incredible phone rapport. But every time we talk, there’s this weird unspoken thing about how us speaking like this is, well, weird. Or at least, dangerous.

Thursday, 1:48 p.m.
Grabbed lunch with Erica today. Haven’t seen her in ages, and it turns out that she’s having an affair! With a younger guy who’s been married for a couple of years. He’s apparently head over heels for her, but Erica’s trying not to get emotionally attached. Still, after her boyfriend of three years suddenly dumped her, she feels like she needs the attention and the TLC. I totally get that. Now I wonder if I’m doing the same thing with James. I mean, we’re not having an affair, but what the hell is going on?

Friday, 4:34 p.m.
Our first performance with our new drummer is tonight! I’ve got to meet the band at the practice space, pack up the gear, head down for sound check, and then wait four hours until we actually get to play. And, of course, that’ll give me plenty of time to flirt with James. After the show, I’m sure we’ll all head out for drinks. Maybe I’ll get a better idea what’s going on in his head…

Saturday, 12:12 p.m.
The show went great! Thanks in part to our new drummer (and no, I’m not biased, right?), the band sounded better than ever. Afterwards, we headed down to a bar to
James left me a voicemail saying that we needed to talk.
celebrate with some friends. And while the rest of the band left early, James and I stayed with my friends and continued partying.

Then things got a little crazy. My friends left one by one while James and I shamelessly flirted. By the time everyone had gone, I was practically sitting on his lap, and all of a sudden (or maybe not so suddenly), we started kissing! I was practically swooning. After all these weeks of flirting and talking, the kissing was unbelievable. It’s like eating after you’ve been starving—anything tastes good. So maybe he’s not the best kisser in the world, but he sure seemed like it! The bartender politely informed us that the bar was closing and we had to leave after we came up for some air. When I walked outside, it suddenly hit me what happened, and I jumped into a cab home, leaving him at the corner and feeling guilty and exhilarated at the same time. God, what was I thinking?

Sunday, 3:52 p.m.
James left me a voicemail saying that we needed to talk. No kidding. I just don’t know what he’s going to say, though. Will he leave the band? His girlfriend? Help!!!

Maggie Kim is a musician ( who’s living and dating in New York City.

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