Heat Things Up Tonight!

Want some help getting snuggly (even steamy)with someone on these cold winter nights? Drop the “want a backrub?” routine and try one of these products.

By Riki Markowitz

Twister bed sheets
Left foot on red, right hand on…where? This four-piece bed set, including fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillowcases and a spinner, is the grownup version of that tried-and-true game you played as a kid. On your bed, however, it will get you and your date tangled up
These bed sheets will get you and your date quickly tangled up in each other’s arms (and legs).
in each other’s arms (and legs) so quickly that you’ll both be tempted to change the rules: Who wants to be told where to put your hands at that point? (This product has been discontinued recently, but sets can still be found for sale on

Darts for foreplay
Probably the only time you’ll ever want to mix sharp objects with foreplay, this game replaces the usual number targets with much more tantalizing commands, like “Remove your shirt,” or, closer to the bullseye, “Rub my neck” or “Kiss my navel.” Better hope your opponent’s aim is good. ($14.99,

Magic 8-ball date ball
Yes, there is a way to divine whether that cutie sitting on your bed is interested in more than your book collection. Bring out this ice-breaker—a petty pink version of the original Magic 8-ball—shake it, and say, “So...does my date want to kiss me?” Answers range from “Yeah, right!” to “No question!” Whatever it says, you can at least say that the night’s outcome was well in your hands. ($6.99,

Riki Markowitz is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She stays warm at night by cuddling up with her cat Zeus and toy poodle Marcel.
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