Celeb Couples Confess - “Who Made The First Move”

Celeb Couples Confess:
“Who Made The First Move”

By Cindy Pearlman

True tales of how four high-profile pairs ended up in each other’s arms. Let their stories remind you that in the game of love, the risks are worth it!

Felicity Huffman on her husband William H. Macy:
“I was working at the Atlantic Theater Company where Bill was also working. For me, it was love at first sight. I think I had to talk him into it for a while. We just talked all the time. I went on a campaign because I knew this was the guy. It worked! And it was certainly worth it.”

LL Cool J on his wife Symone Smith:
“I met my wife when she was coming out of church and I was driving by. I leaned out the window of my car and said, ‘Do you have a phone?’ She looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘Yes.’ Then I said, ‘If you have a phone, you must have a number! What is it?’ I know it was bold, but I had to meet her.”

Diane Lane on her husband Josh Brolin:
“Strangely enough, we met when I was pregnant with my daughter. He was making a film with my husband at the time. It was just ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ at the lunch table. Flash-forward nine years and we met again at a restaurant after a premiere. He said, ‘Remember me? I met you nine years ago.’ I was like, ‘Oh, yeah. How are you?’ We started talking about our kids because he has a daughter the same age. The rest is history.”

Téa Leoni on her husband David Duchovny:
“It's funny, but an agent knew both me and David. He kept saying, ‘You guys should really talk to each other. You would have so much fun.’ Well, I was nervous, but said, ‘Have him call me.’ It was one of those conversations where on my end, I just couldn't stop talking. I was Chatty Cathy. By the end of the call, I thought, he must think I'm a total idiot. But later we met and it was clear that this wasn't what he was thinking.”

Cindy Pearlman is an entertainment journalist and co-author of Love Notes: 101 Lessons From The Heart.
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