Heartbroken? Check In Here

A growing number of overnight accommodations are helping just-dumped individuals recover in style—check out what you can check into these days.

By Amy Keyishian

ranted, nothing but time can completely heal a broken heart. But in the meantime, some just-dumped singles are recovering in style, thanks to certain savvy hotels that have begun offering “heartbreak packages” to soothe the lovelorn. They’re offering packages that come complete with pints of ice cream, therapeutic reading material, and king-size beds so you can start relishing your ability to spread out while you sleep. Sure, they’re not cheap, but hey, what’s a few hundred bucks to ease the pain at this difficult hour? Check out some of your swanky options below:

Magnolia Hotels
Houston, TX (soon to be available in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO)
$289 and up per night
Get over your misery with a king-size bed (you get it all to yourself now!), one-hour massage, two pints of ice cream and a good book (Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houston) to curl up with; both dinner and breakfast are brought to you in bed. "This package launched three or four months ago, and it's been a big success," says director of public relations Mike Pratt, who came up with the idea. "The idea is to get out of your house and spoil yourself, and some seventy-five people have taken us up on it—one weekend a mother-daughter team came in. And yes, men have booked it, too."

Get over your misery with a king-size bed (you get it all to yourself now!), two pints of ice cream and a copy of Cowboys Are My Weakness.
House of Blues Hotel
Chicago, IL
$319 per night
Sporting a dramatic view of the river (no throwing yourself in, please!), this hotel's "Heart Burned" package includes a bevy of cocktails, a session with a psychic (who's "strangely good," according to John Price, the hotel's general manager), a copy of Be Honest, You're Not That Into Him Either by Ian Kerner, in-room spa treatments, and a list of shops where you can get a little retail therapy. How it all started: "We had a girl up here in the executive office who had a bad breakup, and she checked herself into a hotel downtown and treated herself to a fabulous weekend," says Price. "I thought, well, I'll bet other people would like to do that."

Arawak Beach Inn
Anguilla (in the Caribbean)
$359 per night (minimum of four nights)
If things haven't quite gotten to the final breakup, you can try to patch things up with this hotel's "Make or Break Escape" package. You even get a choice of one bed or two, the option of eating dinners in the hotel’s restaurant or in-room for plate-throwing privacy, a day trip to a private island, and a one-day car rental. If things go well, the hotel also offers wedding packages—or if not, you can try the "me, myself and I" package for singles.

Amy Keyishian is a New York-based freelancer who once spent a heartbroken night in a hotel with a gal pal. They ate Chinese food and watched a Kevin Costner movie. She highly recommends it.
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