Halloween Costumes For Couples

Headed to a party or parade with your one and only? These get-ups will prove you two are truly a team—and share a sense of humor to boot!

By Jamie Callan

Here, our picks for the best costumes to don for this Halloween season.

Best for showing off buff bods: Gladiator guy and girl
You two have been working out at the gym all year…why let those yoga or spinning classes go to waste? Go forth flexing your assets and see if you’re tempted to drag each other back to your lair on the early side. ($44.99 and $49.99,

The sexiest: Batman and Catwoman
Are you two comfortable wearing shiny black tights—and pretending to be mortal enemies? Then go on the prowl in this pair of outfits and see whether the forces of good or evil prevail. ($49.95 each,

The silliest: Ball and Chain
Okay, you have to be really secure in your relationship to wear this one. Either that, or so close to a breakup you want the world to know how you feel. The guy gets to carry a giant “chain”; the gal gets to wears a “ball” and nag her partner throughout the party. ($56.95 for both,

Jamie Callan and her new husband look forward to dressing up this Halloween as a pirate and wench. In December, look for Jamie’s new book, Drive Men Crazy: How to Get a Man Totally Into You Whether You Want Him or Not.
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