Is Romance In The Cards?

Want to test your dating savvy during your next dinner party or get-together with pals? Try these games—win or lose, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge.

By Laura Gilbert

If you’ve played all the Pictionary or Yahtzee you can for a while, try one of these three, romance-fueled games:

The That Guy! Game
In the past, you may have passed over “Mullet Guy” and “Hawaiian Shirt Guy” on
Finally, there’s a game where meeting a man with a mullet means you’re a winner!
nights out. But now each of these champs can help you be a winner in the scavenger hunt called The That Guy! Game.

How it works: Since you need to interact with real guys to play this game, it’s the perfect pastime for women looking for an excuse to mingle: Think bachelorette parties, girls’-nights-out, and single-again celebrations. Each player gets an equal number of cards that describe various types of guys a gal might meet; some cards contain “dares” like “make that guy let you measure one of his body parts.” Each time you find someone matching your card or complete a dare, you turn in your card—the first person with no cards left wins.

To order: $9.99 at

Battle of the Sexes Card Game: Blind Date
Who’s smarter, men or women? Leave it to the producers of the reality show Blind Date to create a game that pits one gender’s intellect against the other—namely, on how much men know about a woman’s world, and vice versa.

How it works: Consider it the perfect warm-up for a dinner party: Girl and guy teams take turns drawing from two different decks and answering questions about the other gender. Men, for example, might be asked who stars in the romantic period flick Mrs. Brown; women may be asked to finish the phrase “Over hill, over…” made famous by American troops during World War II. Whichever team answers the most questions correctly gets to mercilessly razz the other for the rest of the night.

To order: $6.99 at

The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game: Dating & Sex
The authors of The Worst-Case Scenario Handbooks made their names telling folks how to cope with extreme occurrences, like fighting off an alligator or landing safely when your parachute doesn’t open. Dating can be a dangerous endeavor in its own way, and this game tests your survival savvy.

How it works: Pick a card, read the dating disaster described, then decide the best way to handle it from three answers. Situations range from the common-but-awkward (what to do when your zipper gets caught while you’re trying to strip down in front of someone special) to downright scary (how to escape if your blind date turns out to be an axe murderer). It may not always be realistic, but you may as well be prepared, right?

To order: $5.98 at

Laura Gilbert is a writer living in New York City. She’s written for Stuff, The Knot, Health, and other publications—and thinks she’d be a pro at The That Guy! Game.
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