The New Way To Send A Love Note

The New Way To Send A Love Note

Reveal your true feelings: Try these fun, sweet and simple ways to communicate to your cutie just how much you care.

by Elise Nersesian
Slip a secret message: Want to send little reminders of how you feel about that special someone…but running short on time or inspiration? The 365 Days of Romance Tin will help out even the laziest of lovers: It's packed with pre-written fortune cookie-sized sentiments like, "You make me laugh," "Let's watch your favorite movie tonight"—even "I love your snoring!" The slips can be tucked into a pocket, left on a pillow…with all the other work done for you, go ahead and get creative with where you stash 'em., $9.95

Puzzle it out: If you've got the urge to say "I'm glad we met" or even (gulp), "I love you"—but can't quite come out and say it, here's a playful way to get the message across. Order a puzzle with a message of your choice written on it; then have fun as your love object pieces together your words of affection. (Hint for your honey: It's always best to start with the borders and work towards the center.), $29

Write an Rx for romance: Paging Dr. Feelgood! The Love Doctor Prescription Kit comes with a mini doctor's pad and a fake syringe that doubles as a pen so you can prescribe your sweetie some TLC. Maybe he needs to spend the day snuggling, or perhaps she requires an afternoon diet of strawberries and champagne. Whatever the doctor orders, it sounds like the carnal cure for couples everywhere., $5.50 for mini kit.
Elise Nersesian is a New York City-based writer whose work has appeared in Redbook and Stuff. She wrote her first love note to her grade-school boyfriend in red crayon.
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