Dating Trend - Where Sporty Singles Meet

Dating Trend: Where Sporty Singles Meet

Finally, sports fans can express their love for their team and find someone special—by mingling at stadiums. But if you build this kind of event, will women come?

By Amy Keyishian
Granted, meeting the love of your life while wearing face paint and screaming "That umpire's @#$% nuts!" might not seem very romantic. Even so, a growing number of sports fans may be doing a lot more cooing than cussing thanks to the rising popularity of "singles nights" at professional basketball, baseball, and tennis games.

Teams including the New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, and Seattle Mariners have all made an effort to help their unattached enthusiasts find a like-minded mate, often by cordoning off singles-only seats or setting up cocktail hours in the lounge areas. At points, the flirtatious banter that has ensued has proven to be too successful. Specifically, players in the Women's Tennis Association's tour championships last November complained that they had trouble concentrating due to all the socializing in the stands. But all in all, the events have been very well-received—after all, who wouldn't appreciate the chance to meet someone who roots for their team and won't bitch and moan come game day?

"They've already got baseball as a common interest, so why not get them to mingle and see what happens?" points out Dave Campanaro, spokesperson for the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor-league baseball team in New York City that held mixers for the first time last year. But, one has to wonder: Isn't the guy/girl ratio, like, ten to one? "Baseball has a lot of single women fans," Campanaro insists. "I know we had at least one successful match, because they were both season-ticket holders with separate seats, and we kept seeing them together for the rest of the summer."

To find a singles night at an event in your area, check your local sports listings, especially for minor-league teams.

Amy Keyishian is a New York Mets fan and therefore hates the Yankees. Nonetheless, she would date Derek Jeter if he asked. Which he hasn't.
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