When Game-Playing Is Good

When Game-Playing Is Good

Put the Monopoly board back in the closet: If you want to get closer to someone special, try a couple of rounds of these fun pursuits. (You'll learn loads about each other, too.)

By Elise Nersesian
Four terrific, let's-get-closer games to play together:

Couple time Q&A
You know your date works at a law firm and likes skiing...but what really makes this person tick? The To Know You…Better board game will help you glean all the info you're dying to know. Roll the dice, land on a square, then pick a card and ask your date the question written on it, whether that's "In what way are you optimistic?" or "What's something you refuse to settle for unless it's the best?" Whoever gets to the finish line first reaps a reward, from a home-cooked meal to seeing a movie of your choice. But the real benefit is you'll get a handle on your date's true essence. ($26,

Carnal card game
Ready to tackle some sexier topics with your sweetie? SexSmarts, a multiple-choice card game, will help you gauge your date's familiarity with the basics (which sexual positions are the most popular?), history (what was the first condom made of?), and even pop culture (what X-rated film was the first to win an Academy Award?). The questions are mercifully non-personal in nature, so no one will feel compelled to share too much. Unless they want to, that is. ($25,

Board-game bonding
If your relationship is further along—and you're ready to kick things up a notch—break out Romantic Rendezvous for a major intimacy boost. Roll the dice and you'll land on squares and draw cards that'll ask you to 'fess up the one thing about your partner you love the most, or to give your one-and-only a massage on the body part of their choice. Sure it's cheesy, but the game may leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. ($29,

Passionate poker
Strip poker doesn't hold a candle to the game Poker for Lovers: Each player gets thirty chips (blue for him, pink for her) with one, two, or three-minute activities. Deal the cards and throw in your chip, and you've just wagered a one-minute back massage or something much more racy…all of which adds up to one big win-win situation for sexually adventurous souls. ($24.95,

Elise Nersesian writes about love, sex, and dating for various magazines. She landed her current beau by impressing him with her smarts during a mean game of Trivial Pursuit.
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