When Love Hurts, Listen To This

Hung up on someone you'll never quite click with? Consider this soundtrack your emotional rescue.

By Kristin Sloan

n theory, everyone hopes to find a happy, healthy relationship with another person. But you can't always choose the people that you are drawn to. A few years back, I was crazily, giddily hooked on someone, and wound up accepting all kinds of odd, confusing, and questionable behavior from him. I was tempted and tortured simultaneously—living out my own personal Ring of Fire. Do I need to tell you it didn't end well? But music was always there to heal the wounds, explore the heartache, or expose my feelings in a new light—and the songs in this iMix capture it all. Enjoy the ride, especially these highlights:

The Love Hurts iMix Get this mix!
Black Magic Woman

Don't Believe Her

Irresistible Bitch

Like a Friend

Pat Benatar

Simply Irresistible
Robert Palmer


Devil in Disguise
Elvis Presley
Alice Cooper


Hurts So Good
John Mellencamp

Britney Spears

Lips Like Sugar
Echo & The Bunnymen

Midnight Show
The Killers

Bone Machine
The Pixies
Hall & Oates

The Church

Hot Hot Heat

Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash

Mr. Brightside
The Killers

Evil Woman
Electric Light Orchestra

Tainted Love
Soft Cell

What's in the mix:

Toxic by Britney Spears
Britney says a guy like you should come with a disclaimer. Who doesn't know a man like this?

Bone Machine by The Pixies
Lead singer Black Francis's off-kilter singing/screaming style, rocking drum and bass, and lines like "you're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me" will make you feel as if having a tortured relationship can be cool.

Like a Friend by Pulp
The set-up: He's obsessed with her, even though she treats him like dirt. Leave it to a British dude to make desperation and torment sound sexy.

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Johnny's calm, matter-of-fact way of describing his fiery relationship makes you feel like you have a friend who's been through the same thing. It's gonna be O.K., because Johnny says so.

Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
"Don't you mess around with me," says this super-tough 80's rock chic who knows what she's getting herself into. Bring it on.

Maneater by Hall & Oates
"Ooohh here she comes... watch out boy, she'll chew you up". Sounds like he's describing some sort of woman-monster...All this from the boys who brought us Sara Smile?

Reptile by The Church
"I see you slither away... like a real reptile". The guitar riff on this one will haunt you, just like the sting from the relationship the song describes.

Kristin Sloan is a professional dancer with the New York City Ballet and a recreational rock drummer. She is currently enjoying a happy, healthy relationship—much like the one described in the first sentence above.

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