Pet Get-Togethers

Pet Get-Togethers

Are you a dog-lover? Cat fancier? Then try out this new trend in meet-and-mingle events that lets people—and their critters—party.

by Amy Keyishian

nyone can tell you that walking a cute pup in the park is a great way to meet someone new. (And the reverse is true, too: We’ve all heard stories about people who dumped dates who couldn’t learn to love their pets.) So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a new way to mingle: parties where people and their pets can get to know each other.
A Vancouver pet store called Fetch has sponsored successful “yappy hours” (wine-and-cheese parties with a bring-your-own-dog policy). And New York City’s Leashes and Lovers ( hosts get-togethers in Central Park and at local hot spots.

When a venue doesn’t allow partygoers to bring animals along, the hosts suggest that guests bring a photo of a pet to attach to a nametag. That way, if you’re the owner of a Jack Russell terrier seeking the same for Frisbee in the park and biscuit baking, you’ll be able to scan the crowd and perhaps meet your—and your pet’s—match.

Amy Keyishian is a freelance writer who shares her office space with four parrots, a hedgehog, and more hamsters than she'd like to admit.
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