Dating-Trend Alert - Dinner-in-the-Dark Parties

Dating-Trend Alert:
Dinner-in-the-Dark Parties

There’s a new kind of get-together going on: Singles parties where you meet and mingle without the lights on. Does it set the stage for faster, deeper connections? Get ready for a real eye-opener.

by Amy Keyishian

magine this: Paying $100 to feast on a five-course tasting menu and make small talk with other single people—in complete darkness, while being served by waiters in night-vision goggles. The goal of this strange encounter? That by the time the lights come up during dessert, you find your previously unidentified companion as delectable as the chocolate soufflé.

Trying to find your food in the dark usually gets tablemates chatting.
OK, we know what you’re thinking. But here’s why military gear and mystery meat just may help you find your soul mate: "I thought that if there were no light, people would be more focused on the person across from them," says Jerome Chasques, a relocated Parisian who came up with the idea for Dinner-in-the-Dark Parties. His inspiration? He looked around a restaurant and saw people looking at everyone but their dates. "You have to really discover each other through conversation." And don’t even think about cheating during your in-the-dark adventure: Cell phones, lighters and any other sources of illumination your evil mind can conjure up are strictly forbidden at these 40-person events that are particularly popular in New York City and London.

The lack of light, in fact, is a great conversation-starter: The shared experience of trying to identify your food in the dark usually gets tablemates chatting. And when the lights do come on at the end of the evening, you may well be in for a surprise that broadens your dating horizons. Explains Chasques, "Our guests find that they have a lot in common with people they might not have talked to if they’d been able to see them." So in that way, maybe Dinner-in-the-Dark Parties help them see the light...

Amy Keyishian is a freelance magazine writer, a young-adult novelist and a big fan of being able to see what she eats.
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