Q and A With… Danny Teeson

Queer Eye's

Danny Teeson

By Susan Hornik

Sure, many straight women seek out fashion advice from gay men, but flirting advice? Stash your stereotypes and say yes. Danny Teeson, lifestyle expert on Bravo's new series, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, offers up some tips that'll give you a whole new way to approach dating.

What do straight girls have to learn from gay guys about flirting?
When it comes to flirting, there is a brash quality that gay men seem to have in their genes. Go to a gay bar, and you'll notice how almost every man in the room has no problem ogling and flirting with their potential beaus. There doesn't seem to be as much worry about rejection, and straight girls can learn something from that kind of confidence. But if you're a little shy about flirting, get together with your gal pals to get some ego boosting: They'll compliment you on your handbag, your 15 minutes, you'll feel so much more confident, you'll be ready to tackle anyone!

What's the best place to take a first date?
Coffee or cocktails make the perfect first date because usually, you know within the first 10 minutes if the two of you have the same kind of energy, and if it's not working out, you really don't want to be stuck there for longer. Certainly, you don't want to plan to have dinner! If the two of you are not on the same page by the time you've ordered the fried calamari, you'll be hitting yourself over the head if you have to sit through three more courses with him.

How about for a second or third date?
An art gallery or funky restaurant is perfectly appropriate! Going to a local exhibit is great because it gives you something to focus and comment on should you feel uncomfortable and tongue-tied. And keep away from the movies or theater! You don't want to spend two hours in a dark room not talking. Then you're no further along than you were when you first met!

So for a dinner date, is it all about candlelight and white tablecloths?
Don't pick a place that's overpriced—save the fancy stuff for later, when you know that he's the one you want to pursue a relationship with.

So what's a sexy, less pricey dinner date—a little sushi?
Sushi for me is hit or miss; it doesn't always fill you up and the sake could hit you so badly you forget who you're with. And whoever said finger food was sexy was either lying or clueless! There's nothing worse having a conversation with someone as they shovel a snack down their mouth.

What kind of music sets a good scene if a woman is having a guy over to her place?
On our show, I give many women advice about music. My first rule: They have to listen to the words of the song. My straight girlfriends want to listen to Josh Groban or Lionel Ritchie. Do you think a guy wants to hear "Hello, is it me you're looking for"? I don't think so! No profound lyrics should be heard early on. Now Barry White, on the other hand, is going to get you bumping and grinding—that's way more romantic and sexy.

Hollywood-based journalist Susan Hornik will be sure to take Danny's advice and break out the Barry White the next time she has a hot date.
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