Survey - Which Celeb Couple Will Last?

Survey: Which Celeb Couple Will Last?

We asked 2,000 members which Hollywood twosome’s relationship would be around for the long haul…see if you agree with their picks.

By Susan Linney
et’s face it, celebrity relationships can crash and burn so quickly one has to wonder: Do we think any of them will last for the long haul? When we asked 2,000 members that question, we found that there is one famous pair that inspires hope: 69% of those polled thought Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe will be together a year from now. Coming in at a distant second, the brand-new Bennifer (Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck) inspired 16% of you to think they’ll stick it out for a year, followed by newlyweds J. Lo and Marc Anthony (9%), and, coming in dead last, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (5%).

Why are so many of us placing our faith in Reese and Ryan? For one, they’ve been married since 1999, which means they’ve made it past what’s considered a couple’s shakiest years. “Of first marriages that end in divorce, studies show that approximately half of them end in the first 3 1/2 years,” says Dennis Lowe, Ph.D., Director of the Center for the Family at Pepperdine University. “That’s because couples undergo a lot of adjustments during this time, not only to each other’s habits, but to their new roles as spouses versus lovers.”

Another factor that may keep Reese and Ryan together: Their two kids. Of course, any parent would think twice about bailing on their offspring, but children also draw couples closer by forcing them to talk about the future. “Kids get couples mulling over what they want and need down the line,” points out Lowe.

As for the other couples in this survey? While Ben and Jen may stand a chance since they’re taking it slow (they’ve been dating seven months with no wedding in sight), our respondents think things look more grim for J. Lo and Marc (who got hitched only about four months after they’d started seeing each other) and Britney and Kevin (who tied the knot after dating for around five months). Our expert has to agree: “Couples who don’t know each other long before they marry have an increased risk of divorce,” says Lowe. The reason: How well can these newlyweds know each other, much less know if they’re right for each other?

Susan Linney writes often about celebrities—and admits to being obsessed with them.
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