Dating In 2012… And Beyond

Here, a noted astrologist reveals the truth about the 2012 predictions based on the Mayan calendar.

By Barrie Dolnick

he media has making a lot of noise about a Mayan calendar that stopped counting time on December 21, 2012. Is it really predicting the end of the world? Should you embark on a manic dating binge just to get it all out of your system before the total eclipse of the Earth?

In a word: no. In fact, 2012 is a grand year; it’s an important year for dating, pursuing and finding love — and it’s even more possible to
It’s all in the heart this year — nothing more, nothing less.
find a true, long-lasting, dedicated-to-joy, invested-in-the-heart kind of love in 2012.

This year marks a time when the divide between love and life is narrowing. Some would say your love life is more important than your working life this year, but success isn’t necessarily about finding The One — rather, success is defined as being able to love well, to love right, and to love wisely.

It’s all in the heart this year — nothing more, nothing less.

The Mayan story of 2012
To put your fears (and the media frenzy) to rest, the “end of the world” concept comes from the ancient Mayan society’s last day of a “long count calendar” — which, until recently, was thought have ended on December 21, 2012. This relatively obscure calendar measured time in different increments, and the longest stretch they measured ended this year. Forget about the drama, though. Scholars recently published a newly discovered calendar from the same civilization that depicted time continuing well beyond this controversial date. So the calendar still has many pages to turn, even for the ancient Maya people. They didn’t think the world would end. It just took the modern world a little more time to figure that out.

How significant is this year, really?
Astrologers say there are big planetary movements — Saturn moves into Scorpio (representing purpose and passion), Jupiter moves into Gemini (bringing lots of new ideas, people and connections), and a lot of planets will go retrograde, which allows for second chances. But there’s nothing cataclysmic written in the stars. There are no rare planetary alignments ahead, and NASA patiently explains that the Milky Way’s galactic plane will not swallow the earth up whole.

Numerologists consider 2012 a “five” year — which is broadly understood to be a restless, creative year that desires change. That five is a number that applies to the state of the world, not to your love life. Some Hindus have asserted that a new golden age (or “Yuga”) will dawn around the same time as the Mayan calendar predicted in 2012, but it is not generally agreed upon. It’s hard to accurately compare ancient timekeeping to our current calendars.

Media attention also includes information about shifting polarity from our North
It’s important to present yourself honestly.
and South Poles, solar flares and even alien intervention. An entire disaster movie, 2012, was built around the premise that storms from the sun would intensify the temperature of the Earth’s core and, in 24 hours, changed the entire face of the planet. Entertaining, sure — but scientifically flawed. More spiritual opinions (like the Dalai Lama’s, for example) hold that 2012 is simply a year that marks a shift in our priorities. It is the year the pendulum pauses at our most materialistic focus before it swings in the other direction — towards less materialistic pursuits, and more about love.

And that is why 2012 is so important for your dating life — both today and beyond!

How to date during a year of significant changes
We’re all stepping through a threshold of change this year, and you’ll either bring a lot of baggage with you or choose to travel light, clean and free in order to live your life with joy. Here are a few fail-safe tips for your dating life:
  1. Apply the Golden Rule at all times. In other words, treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself.
  2. Act from your heart, not out of fear. If you find yourself fibbing or manipulating in your communications, you’re acting out of fear. Take a deep breath and tell the truth. You don’t have to clobber someone with a rude statement like “I don’t want to date you,” but you can say: “I don’t see this going any further.” Wouldn’t you rather have someone be straight with you than leave you wondering what happened, or feeling bad about yourself?
  3. This year is like wet cement; each choice you make will be solid soon, and then you’ll be stuck with it, so choose wisely. You’re setting up patterns that will stay with you for many years. It will be harder to undo any bad habits after 2012.
  4. Remember, every single interaction you have has an impact that carries on afterward. Every supportive or compassionate contribution you make has thousands of unseen benefits. Likewise, every hurt you cause leaves scars and repercussions. Kindness breeds kindness, and pain breeds pain.
Make the most of meeting new love interests
Dating can be stressful at times, but following these guidelines should help you stay focused:
  • No need to feel pressured to be perfect. Just be your best self as much as you can.
  • Look at your love interests for a sense of who they are, not just what they look like. If you can see into someone’s eyes, you’ll have everything you need to know.
  • Use your uniqueness, and don’t be afraid to let others see it. It’s important to present yourself honestly — but there’s no need to advertise the warts, so to speak.
  • Be honorable and act with integrity. Don’t keep someone hanging on just as a placeholder for The One because you’re lonely.
  • Take risks, and be brave. The people who succeed in love are those who aren’t afraid of it.
Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe.
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