Q and A With… Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston

The two stars of Marley & Me talk about how to keep relationships from, well, going to the dogs.

In Marley & Me, which is out on DVD this month, it was wonderful and unique to see a romantic comedy that starts after the marriage and depicts a happy couple. How was that for you?

Owen: It was great. It seems like every time that you do see a marriage in film, it’s always about a struggle, and for example, in my scene with costar, Eric Dane, when I say, everything’s OK in our relationship, and he’s like, really? He doesn’t really believe it, because his character was perpetually single. The irony is that Eric is the only one of us that’s actually married!

Jennifer: I liked that it wasn’t the girl trying to get the guy or the guy trying to get the girl, or the chase and then you end the movie where they ride off into the sunset. This is the sequel to that where you get to see the ins and outs of a relationship over a 15-year period. You have this human thread that takes you through. And it’s funny — just because life is funny and dramatic.

This film is just as much about your relationship as it is about Marley the dog.

Jennifer: Yes, it is about marriage and balancing family and career; all of the things that affect people in relationships. You think it’s a story about a mischievous dog — and it is — but it’s so much more than that. I think if you’ve been in a relationship, you are going to relate to it.

Owen, it’s interesting that your character starts to envy his single friend’s freewheeling lifestyle. Why do you think he felt like that?

Owen: Single people’s lives are more fluid. They can take more chances because they have fewer responsibilities and obligations than married people.

You and Jen had great chemistry together!

Owen: We didn’t really know each other before the movie began. We'd just kind of met in passing, but I think it was in rehearsal, early on, we kinda felt like that we were on the same page, and we agreed on the way things should go. And the thing about chemistry, you get along with a person, but then if the movie does well, then that proves it!

Her instincts were incredible. She does the work in ways better than I ever imagined!

Jennifer: Owen is just great. He’s so good at his job, so professional and such a generous actor. We had a lot of fun playing off of each other, and he has some moments in this film that are just really special.

Who’s more high-maintenance, a dog or a woman?

Owen: I think that humans are more high-maintenance! Humans are more demanding.

Jennifer, your character talks about having a list, where after dating for a certain time, she wants to marry and then have kids. Do you think a lot of women have that?

Jennifer: I think some do and some don’t. I definitely don’t!

One of the greatest things about dogs is their unconditional love, but also the fact that they live in the present. And have you learned to do that?

Owen: The great thing about having a dog is it kind of forces you to be in the present, because that’s definitely where they’re spending their time! Which is definitely good for a relationship! Plus, Marley really reminds this couple how much fun life can be, and that’s important too.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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