Q and A With… Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory star talks about lovable nerds, awkward Romeos and old-fashioned romance.

You play the potential sexy love interest on CBS’ Big Bang Theory, where the socially awkward guys vie for your attention. Do nerds deserve a chance to get the girl too?

I think everyone deserves a chance. I think this show really opens the doors for all the geniuses in the world! It gives them hope — if these characters can talk to women, then hopefully so can they! Nerdy is kinda sexy!

Do you like really smart guys?

My dating life has been all over the place — smart and funny work for me. I love making people laugh, so if I can have a guy who’s just as funny, even funnier, that’s a really cool thing!

And I wouldn’t mind finding a guy who has just a good a job as I have! A little money in the pocket doesn’t hurt!

It seems like you and costar Johnny Galecki are headed for a full blown, happily-ever-after romance.

I think so. but not for a long time. We want to make it interesting for the viewers! Every time they step away from the dating aspect of their relationship, they continue to stay friends and are closer as a result. Which really is the greatest way two people can get together. I think most relationships miss out on that — you always hear the most successful romantic relationships started out as friends-first. Hopefully, that will happen for me as well.

Have you brought some of your own bad date experiences to the show?

Oh God, absolutely! There was a scene we did where I was drinking, and my boyfriend was cheating on me. I remember thinking, wow, this definitely reminds me of some nights I’ve had! It’s a lot of life-imitating-art moments!

What advice would you give to a guy for the first date?

Pay for the date and pick her up at her house! I think the old-fashioned way really works. If you think about it, back in the 1940s and 1950s, relationships lasted longer. I think we need to go back to the way it used to be.

I also think picking up the phone is a lot more important for a first date than sending a text. I like to hear the person’s voice! It’s so much more personal!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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