Q and A With… Mira Sorvino

The actress talks about her adventures in kissing and her love of the desert and more.

Recently, you were in NBC’s The Last Templar, a romantic adventure miniseries with Scott Foley (CBS’s The Unit). How was that for you?

I loved the banter between us! It was very 1940s! It’s so nice to watch that “I love you, I hate you” kinda thing! I think it’s very relatable.

I heard you had a kissing catastrophe during the filming!

I did! It was when we were doing the boat scene, where we’re all playing this fight scene with guns and hooks and fistfights and everything. I come down trying to help and grab a hook off of the wall, you know, thinking that I’m going to use this hook to help pull away the assailant, and a big wave of water comes in and washes my contacts out of my eyes! Then, the boat gives a big lurch, and I see the camera operator starts to slip on the deck of the boat, and we’re all slipping and sliding. And all of a sudden, the hook gets caught behind me on some outcropping from part of the ship and slams into my face, and I break five of my teeth. There was blood everywhere. My lip was all split and open. And at this point, you know, they run in with their epinephrine and sort of nonstitch stitches and makeup. And for some reason, right around this point, our wonderful director decides that we should have a kiss to end all kisses.

And I had also just seen the doctor that day because I had a horrendous cold, so I didn’t think it was a good idea, considering I was bleeding from the lip, and I’m kind of mangled-looking! But they still thought it would be great, and so they spent half an hour sort of painting the rest of my mouth a dark blood purple so that it all looks like one thing, one very large beesting thing. And we have this kiss to end all kisses, and we do it several takes in a row. And at the end of it all, the moral of the story is that poor Scott ends up lying in bed for two and a half weeks after that, completely sick as a dog!

You filmed in Morocco. Was it a very romantic place to be shooting?

I loved the desert. Also at one point, there were these pink flowers, and the air was fragrant; little frogs jumped around in the water. We took pictures on our iPhones just to commemorate it because it was so unbelievably beautiful!

Are you a very romantic person?

I think that I am a romantic at heart. Everyone, in their hearts of hearts, wants to believe in true love, and those of us who have been fortunate enough to have found it actually know that it does exist.

How did you know that your husband was The One?

We knew fairly quickly. I don’t know how we knew, we just knew!

That is so cute! What advice would you give to gals looking for that guy?

You’ll know. After you’ve had enough of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right will stand out in comparison pretty plainly.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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