Q and A With… Blair Underwood

The Dirty, Sexy Money star—who’s been married for 14 years—spills the secrets to beating his fear of commitment and making love last.

In Dirty, Sexy Money, you’ve definitely had some steamy love scenes!

Yeah, it’s funny—I’m talking to the producers, like, “Can we get Simon out of bed now?” That’s where he is for the first few episodes! Their well-matched relationship is very steamy and emotional because they weren’t expecting that kind of connection. It takes them both off-kilter. Sometimes that’s the best kind!

It’s a great way for guys and girls to connect in that accidental way…

Exactly because you didn’t expect it. It’s the very last thing you expected.

Do you think steaminess is the key to a good relationship?

It sure helps! I don’t think it’s the secret, but it’s definitely the spice that keeps it going!

You’ve been married for 14 years now. What have you learned about relationships in the time that you’ve been married?

Oh, man… that it takes a lot of commitment, a lot of talking and communicating with each other. And a lot of patience—knowing when not to speak. That’s the biggest thing: Choose your battles, read her well and know when not to say anything.

Is it embarrassing to take your shirt off?

Nah. It’s embarrassing to my kids. My kids hate it—they’re embarrassed by it!

Was it love at first sight for you and your wife?

We connected immediately, and I think it was the love I wasn’t sure about. I actually didn’t know. I was a little cautious.

Was that because you were a little commitment-phobic?

Yeah, I was!

How can men get through that?

You know, I was ready. When I met her, I was ready. So you have to look at that…

You have lots of female fans from your time on HBO’s In Treatment as well. In your mind, how do you define “sexy”?

I think wearing a cool hat is sexy, and having a laid-back demeanor. To me, mostly it’s confidence.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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