Q and A With… Reese Witherspoon

The Four Christmases actress talks about holiday love, what makes a good relationship, and more…

In Four Christmases, your character and her boyfriend (Vince Vaughn) actively avoid their families during the holidays. Do you think couples will relate to this movie?

Yes! They have to face that horrible fear of bringing home your significant other to meet every humiliating memory that you have of your past. It’s a natural human instinct to avoid it, so the comedy of having to really deal with it is definitely relatable.

What was your reaction to the press that said that the two of you (you and Vince) weren’t getting along?

First of all, I don’t know where all of that came from. Every co-star I ever worked with, I’m either having an affair with him, I’m about to get married to him, we’re having a baby, or we absolutely cannot stand each other! No—we get along great. We’re very good friends!

Does that mean you would or would never get married again?

I don’t know—I don’t think about it much.

What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

I think that it’s important to have honesty and openness in communication. I think that’s what they learn in the film. You can’t have a relationship without those things.

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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