Q and A With… Jerry O’Connell

The actor and husband of Rebecca Romijn on love, gifts — and cats.

You had an anniversary with your wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, recently. What did you do to celebrate?

We called each other up. She’s been in New York doing Ugly Betty but I went back there as soon as I could. We don’t spend too much time apart.

What did you give each other for your anniversary?

I did get a little bit of jewelry, nothing crazy, moderately priced, because I’m still paying off the wedding. I put it on layaway, which at the time seemed like a good idea, but now… I didn’t bring it in on a fixed rate, so it’s really coming back to get me.

And what did she give you?

I got a gift but I don’t want to say what it is!

Have you enjoyed this newlywed year?!

It’s really been a lot of fun. And to be married one year! That’s incredible for Hollywood — the fact that it wasn’t annulled, the fact that nobody’s declaring fraud. We’re breaking all kinds of records.

What have you learned being in this relationship?

I get on my wife a little bit about spending money sometimes, like shopping, and I was a little negative, yelling, “No more!” We’re in a recession — let’s buckle up a little! But I realize you have to learn to compromise. I found that there are more creative ways to talk to each other. Like setting rules like, “You can shop, but only on eBay.”

Also, I realize I am always ultimately wrong in a lot of things that we argue about. A big argument we had this year was a mouse problem at our house. And I put out glue traps, and they were working, but my wife was saying, we have to get a cat! And I said, “We’re not getting a cat. I’m highly allergic.” To be honest, I didn’t like cats. I went away for a weekend and I came back and there was this little kitten she had rescued. And I came in and was like, “Get rid of this cat!” But now, I’ll tell you, I love this cat! I don’t have any allergies. Honestly, I would have never gotten this cat if my wife had not brought it in. And I’m a cat person now!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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