Q and A With… Zachary Levi

The star of Chuck talks about dating, relationship pacing — and whether or not you can be friends with exes.

On, NBC’s Chuck, you have that cute “will they or won’t they?” relationship. What can we expect to see this season?

More and more tension! They are going to keep dragging it out because audiences love that kind of love story—we probably won’t get together until season seven! If you offer audiences tension, they want to see more of it...if couples get together too early on screen, it’s not always popular with the viewers! That slowly building connection can be really attractive. Look at the way it was on Friends with Ross and Rachel! Plus, me and my co-star, Yvonne Strahovski, have a lot of fun on and off camera with that kind of chemistry. It’s a great situation.

Your character is on the geeky side, but that seems to be exactly what women want! What dating advice would you give to guys?

Be yourself and tell the truth. It’s not worth pretending to be somebody else to get a girl that you think you want. If she wants something that you’re pretending to be, then she’s not going to be happy when she finds out what she’s got, you know? And you’re not going to be happy, because what you really want is somebody cool sitting there and watching you play video games. Well, that’s what I want!

What do you look for in a girl?

A good sense of humor, and hopefully, she’s beautiful to me. Also, I’d like her to have a talent, whatever it is, and be passionate about it, because I think that’s important. A woman needs to be motivated and driven. And her relationship with God — her faith — that is really big for me.

Tell me about some of your dating experiences.

Growing up, I was not like the guy who gets the girl. I was the guy who got the girl to come cry on his shoulder because the guy she had was treating her badly! I was the ‘best friend’ guy. A tough spot to be in when you’re a guy who really wants the girl! But I feel like I’ve blossomed into more of a man, so that’s good—and being an actor on a TV show doesn’t suck dating-wise!

But it actually makes it difficult. You have to sift through and find the genuine hearts. At the end of the day, I just want to find love like anybody else, just like my character does, so we are very similar in that respect.

Can you be friends with an ex?

Absolutely. I’m friends with almost all my exes. I think you have to get to a place where, after the anger and the bitterness is over with, you realize we’re just two people trying to make our way through life!

Contributing entertainment editor Susan L. Hornik is based in Los Angeles.
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