Guy’s Guide To Her Halloween Costume

Wondering what her get-up reveals about her romance M.O. this spooky season? Find out from the experts right here.

By Margot Carmichael Lester

ou may be more concerned with the economy or the upcoming election to really worry about your own Halloween costume. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the outfit a woman’s wearing on the 31st. You can use her costume to figure out what she’s really about! To help, we assembled a team of experts to give us their take on how to find a perfect match behind the mask:

One quick tip: “Get dressed up and don’t let the kids have all
We all know that Catwoman is the one in charge.
the fun,” Schlobohm-Walzuck says. “Halloween is the time to unleash your inhibitions, let your imagination soar—and find the perfect date.”

OK, now, pick your costume from the options below and see which guy you should sidle up to:

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
McHenry: This costume lacks imagination, and sets the stage for a whole evening of “Hi, I’m Big” jokes. She needs a basic-cable man to shake up her pay-cable doldrums.

Spencer: It would be easy to assume that the gal who dresses up as Carrie simply has an uncontrollable shoe fetish. But there’s something else going on here. She might look like the fashionista that women aspire to be, but she has one Manolo firmly rooted in the past. How else to explain her endless pining over Big and her passion for vintage clothes?

The costume that’ll impress her most: A Donald Trump mask might make her think you could satisfy her appetite for fancy shoes, but the Joker could go toe-to-toe with her in terms of bold fashion statements.

Schlobohm-Walzuck: She has nine lives and her choice of guys. We all know that Catwoman is the one in charge.

Spencer: This is a woman who thinks she can get away with wearing a skin-tight black latex suit, not to mention a long tail and pointy ears, and that kind of chutzpah deserves thunderous applause.

The costume that’ll impress her most: Batman’s an obvious choice for your
Appeal to her secret hero side by going as Clark Kent.
costume, but you might be more irresistible to this frisky feline if you go as Mickey Mouse.

Gov. Sarah Palin
Schlobohm-Walzuck: She may be a lipstick-wearing (pit-bull) Hockey Mom. She’s seriously sassy, says it like it is, and is in charge. She will be the one wearing the suit in this first family.

Spencer: She’s a mighty versatile woman who can sling a moose over one shoulder, a rifle over the other; or be tailored and tasteful with the sleek beehive, librarian glasses and, dare we say it, lipstick.

The costume that’ll impress her most: Given Troopergate, you probably shouldn’t dress as a cop. Try Tom Cruise’s Top Gun “Maverick” or a moose hunter instead.

Claire Bennett, the cheerleader from Heroes
McHenry: Indestructible? Hardly! She’s all marshmallow on the inside, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Spencer: She may think she’s invincible, but she’s got a little chip on her shoulder, too. Just because she’s a gorgeous blonde who’s a total knockout in that cute cheerleader dress doesn’t mean she’s a brainless Barbie doll.

The costume that’ll impress her most: Appeal to her secret hero side by going as Clark Kent, or provide some super-hero stability and dress up as Iron Man.

McHenry: She’s busy. She’s tired. She needs a little spice in her life.

Spencer: This is the Old Faithful of Halloween costumes, so she’s probably traditional. But just because she’s green doesn’t mean she wants to settle for second best where dating is concerned.

The costume that’ll impress her most: Show her you can relate to being busy, traditional and maybe a little evil by wearing a vampire or devil get-up.

Now, not every gal in this garb is guaranteed to be the woman of your dreams. But this information at least gives you something to chat about with a prospect (“You know, I saw this article online that said… ”). So get out there and find the love you’ve been looking for. Or at least a date for next weekend.

North Carolina freelancer Margot Carmichael Lester’s favorite election-year costume was 2004’s Teresa Heinz, which involved her wearing a fancy pantsuit, Kerry for President campaign buttons and a karaoke machine.

For the other side of this story, read the Gal’s Guide To His Halloween Costume.

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