matchMobile FAQs for BlackBerry

What is the BlackBerry application and why should I use it?
With the new BlackBerry application, now you can access your favorite features on your BlackBerry (some website features may not be available yet). You can search for matches in your area, wink at them and communicate with them (requires a paid subscription). You can also view your matches, your Favorites and everyone who's viewed your profile. You'll be notified immediately when other members communicate with you, and using the camera on your BlackBerry, you can also snap pictures of yourself and upload them to your profile.
What do I need in order to start using the BlackBerry application?
You will need a BlackBerry device with a trackball or trackpad running OS version 4.3 to 6.0. You will also need a data plan with your cellular phone provider that will allow you access to the Internet on your BlackBerry device. Additionally, you will need to ensure that you have enough memory on your device to download and use the application. To locate your OS version, go to 'Settings' > 'Options' > 'About'. If you have a supported device, you can download the BlackBerry application and start using it right away.
What BlackBerry models do you support?
The BlackBerry app supports the following devices with OS 4.3 to 6.0*:

BlackBerry Bold
BlackBerry Curve
BlackBerry Curve 3G
BlackBerry Pearl
BlackBerry Pearl Flip
BlackBerry Pearl 3G
BlackBerry Storm
BlackBerry Style
BlackBerry Torch
BlackBerry Tour
BlackBerry 8800 Series

Unfortunately, we do not support older BlackBerry devices with track-wheels nor newer OS 7 devices. If your model is not supported, you may still access by going to on your BlackBerry browser.

*To locate your OS version, go to 'Settings' > 'Options' > 'About'.
I see several security prompts each time I launch the app. The security permissions on my BlackBerry are too restrictive. What do I do?
Due to security settings imposed by either your company (if you're using a company-issued BlackBerry) or by your carrier, you may be required to respond to multiple security permission prompts each time you start the application. Often these settings cannot be modified by you the user. In such cases, please contact your IT department or your carrier's customer support department to change the security settings to work around this issue. We are unable to change these settings for you.

If your IT department has questions about the security settings required for the app to function, they're welcome to email us at
I'm not in the United States or Canada; can I still use the application?
Unfortunately, no. The BlackBerry application is only available for use in the U.S. and Canada.
How do I download the application?
Go to on your BlackBerry browser, if your phone model is supported, and you'll be prompted to download the application.
My BlackBerry model isn't supported. What are my options?
Please check back soon. We are constantly updating our range of supported BlackBerry devices.
Email us with your BlackBerry model name at to be notified when support for your model becomes available. Unfortunately, we will not support older BlackBerry devices with track-wheels. If your model is not supported, you may still access by going to on your BlackBerry browser.
I don't have a BlackBerry. What are my options?
You may still use your existing cellular phone to access via the matchMobile service. Just go to on your mobile phone browser. Please note that, in order to use matchMobile, you will need a data plan in place with your cellular phone provider that will allow you access to the Internet on your phone. Please refer to the matchMobile FAQ for more information.
How much does it cost to use the BlackBerry application?
The BlackBerry application is free to download and use. Most features, including the ability to wink at and search for other members, do not require a paid subscription. However, in order to communicate with other members as well as see who's viewed your profile, we require you to have a paid subscription.
I don't have a subscription. What will it cost me to use the BlackBerry application?
The BlackBerry application is free to download and use in most cases (see previous question). However, features that allow you to communicate with other members require a paid subscription.
I have a base subscription. Will I need to pay extra to use the BlackBerry application?
No, matchMobile is now free under any of the 1, 3 or 6 month subscription packages.
I installed the application on my BlackBerry. What do I do next?
If you have previously registered with or are a current subscriber to, you may use your existing username and password to log in to the BlackBerry application. If you are new to, you will need to register and create a new account. Once your account has been created, just log in via the BlackBerry application. To increase your chances of success on, remember to upload your pictures and complete your profile, using either the BlackBerry application or the website.
How does the photo upload feature work?
You can upload pictures of yourself taken with your BlackBerry device (requires BlackBerry models equipped with a camera). Select 'My Profile' and click 'Upload Photos'. This will prompt the BlackBerry camera to take a picture. Just snap a picture of yourself and upload it to your profile. This feature will also allow you to use any existing pictures on your BlackBerry device. Our Customer Care department will process your picture to ensure compliance with our terms of use and send you a confirmation email.
How does the location-search feature work?
The location-search feature uses the GPS (or other positioning technology) on your BlackBerry to determine your location. Your exact position will never be revealed to other members. The feature uses your location to deliver matches to you that are in your immediate vicinity.
Is privacy a concern with the location-search feature? is committed to protecting your privacy. Your exact position will not be disclosed to other members. Additionally, you may turn off location-based searching by turning off the location feature under 'Settings' on the BlackBerry application. Please review the terms of privacy policy for further information.
I have some feedback (or a request for a feature). Who should I contact?
Please e-mail your questions, feedback or feature requests to (no support queries please). Please direct all support queries to our Customer Care.