Halloween Costumes For You And Your “Boo”

Ready to hit the town as a costumed couple this year, but can’t decide what to wear? Here are 10 clever ideas for every climate, body type, and age range for you to consider.

By Dave Singleton

es, folks, it could be a “Kimye” kind of trick-or-treating season this year.

How many women will greet Halloween by padding the rear of their outfits, donning a black wig, and teetering around on five-inch heels in homage to Kim Kardashian? And how many of their dates will affect
There’s sure to be plenty of Batmen and Catwomen holding hands this year.
the cocky attitude and rock star bling of her flashy beau, Kanye West? Since it’s an election year, many couples might choose to represent a particular side of the political aisle by dressing up as Mitt and Ann, Barack and Michelle, or other recent candidates who didn’t make it past the primary season.

Look, too, for couples out to save the world in superhero costumes from one of summer’s biggest blockbusters, The Avengers. There’s sure to be plenty of Batmen and Catwomen holding hands this year, given the success of The Dark Knight Rises. But no matter what costume you choose, Halloween is a fun time for you and your date to join forces and discover the joy of masquerading together. To kick-start your plans, here are the top 10 hottest costume ideas for you and your “boo” to consider.

Classic superheroes
This year has been all about the superheroes. Hey, who cares if you can’t really fight crime? You can still look good faking it!

1. Batman and Catwoman
Which Batman character should you be — and, more importantly, will you step out as the newly revised or classic retro version of said character? Some are daring enough to don the skin-tight and oh-so-sexy Batman and Catwoman outfits worn by Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway in this year’s summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises (you know, the ones that show off every muscle and curve?) by getting into fighting shape well ahead of the holiday. “I’m already on a diet to be Selina Kyle in a skintight black suit this year,” says North Carolina resident Becca, 37. “First of all, it will be fun. Second, that character drives my husband wild, so I’m hoping to add some sexy spark to our tricks and treats this year.”

Or maybe you’d rather opt for the retro, colorful, and more, shall we say, forgiving looks worn by Adam West and Eartha Kitt/Julie Newmar from the hit 1960s TV series instead? No matter which version of this daring duo’s looks you choose, you’ll definitely feel like a winner, because — Crash! Bang! Pow! — Batman and Catwoman always get the upper hand against villains like Penguin, Riddler and Bane.

2. One of Marvel Comics’ Avengers
What couple wouldn’t want to step out together dressed as two characters from The Avengers, especially since Marvel Comics refer to them as “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?” There are several possible combinations for couples to choose from, since the Avengers include Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ant-Man (Dr. Henry Pym), Thor, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), The Hulk (Bruce Banner), and Captain America (Steve Rogers). Perhaps there are more options for the men, but ladies, you can add the Wasp (Janet van Dyne) to your list of choices. She wasn’t in this year’s hit film, but Wasp is definitely one of the comic’s originals (and a splashy, colorful costume idea to boot!). “Captain America is my favorite,” says Washingtonian John, 25. “I can just imagine looking at my girlfriend dressed as Black Widow and uttering the team’s famous battle cry, ‘Avengers Assemble!’ before — and during! — fun Halloween parties.” God bless all the men who hurl themselves into character and use green body paint as The Hulk, and dole out extra trick or treat candy to the women who rock the black leather suit as Black Widow, like Scarlett Johansson did in the film.

3. Spiderman’s Peter Parker and Gwen Tracy
Want to live up to the title of this year’s reboot film, The Amazing Spider-Man? Then simply pull on Peter Parker’s red and blue tights, Gwen Stacy’s super-cute blond hair and miniskirts, and be amazing as the hero and heroine of this superhero’s newest franchise. “I’ve already decided that my date and I are going as Spiderman and Gwen to my friend’s annual Halloween party,” says New Yorker Maria, 29. “Now I have to tell the guy I am seeing and hope he agrees. I am pretty sure he will. Who doesn’t love Spiderman?”

Attention-starved fame seekers
Not comfortable wearing little more than spandex this time of year? No worries! These “regular” people are still recognizable enough to help you stand out in a crowd — though we’d caution against flipping any tables while you’re in character (unless Andy Cohen’s agreed to bail you out, anyway).

4. “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)
As if the world hasn’t had enough Kardashians to last us a lifetime, why not have fun dressed as the family that’s invaded our consciousness through their television programs and media coverage? Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West are fairly easy to imitate, too, so that’s a plus. Ladies, to be a faux Kim, pile on the makeup, squeeze into something tight with a small pillow bringing up your (ahem) rear, and speak in a baby-doll voice all night. Guys, to rock the Kanye look, dress as a rapper rock star with lots of bling, flashy clothes — and be sure to interrupt everyone you meet with an “I’ma let you finish, but…” interjection. “I am dying to go as Kim Kardashian,” says California resident Rita, 34. “She is just hysterical to me and my boyfriend thinks she’s hot, so this has ‘win-win’ written all over it.”

5. Real (loud) housewives and their lame hubbies/boy-toys
Tears, tantrums, and walk-offs! The possibilities for having fun as a real housewife of “wherever” are endless. The men have it pretty easy, too, and they might like that this year. Just dress as relatively
This is definitely going to be a popular year for Olympic costumes.
normal middle-aged men, but act a bit sleazy, load up on the cocktails and quips, and you’ll pull it off as well as any of the gents on the Bravo TV franchise manage to do.

“My girlfriends and I are dying to dress as the Real Housewives of New Jersey,” says New Jersey native Jeanine, 36. “We are already planning a colossal group date with our husbands and boyfriends, with tacky outfits and wigs we plan to rip off each other’s heads all night. We’ve doled out the parts and know exactly which of us will play Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, and Danielle Staub. And we’re renting a limo and will drop by a few parties. Our guys seem pretty amused by it all. Trick or treat, New Jersey, here we come.”

Political animals
It’s an election year, so get ready for plenty of Baracks and Michelles to rock the streets on October 31st. As costumes, their time may have come. But then again, they are still the President and first lady, even if we’re used to them.

6. Mitt and Ann Romney
Looking at it that way, Mitt Romney is fresh meat. With his trademark grey sideburns, odd vocal delivery, and lots of play money falling out of his pockets, you can give the trick or treating Barack Obamas a run for their money. Ann Romney is a pretty simple costume, too. Wear a blond wig, carry a small stuffed horse around with you, and gaze adoringly at your sweetie’s version of Mitt. Voila! With the general election only weeks away, you’re set, wearing one of the timeliest of all couple’s costumes this year.

7. Political couples who didn’t make it past the primary cuts
If Mitt and Barack aren’t your style this year, then consider the variety of other political options also available. After all, it was a banner year for those colorful candidates who didn’t make the primary cuts. “Ever since I first saw him on the stump, I knew I was going out on Halloween dressed as GOP straight arrow Rick Santorum in a sweater vest,” says Maryland resident Michael, 28. “The sweater vest is just so funny to me and I have one of my dad’s that I am going to wear. My girlfriend is going as his wife, Karen, and she’ll be adorned in lots of U.S. flags and elephant pins.”

“I’m dressing as ultra-made-up — well, lacquered is really the word, isn’t it? — Michelle Bachmann,” says Virginia native Caroline, 33. “My boyfriend is going as her chubby hubby, Marcus. He laughs every time I practice her scary, frozen smile.”

Heroes of a different kind
Between Hollywood flicks and the IOC, games of all kinds kept viewers spellbound this year. So regardless of whether you’re paying homage to a world-class athlete or slain fictional tribute this season, we’ve got you covered… literally.

8. Olympic athletes
This is definitely going to be a popular year for Olympic costumes, especially given the attention athletes got this summer. You are your sweetie are sure to win some gold medals dressed as super swimmers or jumping gymnasts. “You think I’m going to miss going as Michael Phelps? No way!” says Baltimore native TJ, 22. “He’s a hometown guy, so I’ll be him and my date and some friends are going as other Olympians.”

“I’m dying to go as Gabby Douglas, the ‘flying squirrel,’” says Chicago native Lisa, 25. “I’m not sure who my date will dress up as, but it better be someone fast so he can keep up with me… maybe one of those sprinters from Ethiopia?” For sure, it’s hard to match the super shape these Olympians are in, but don’t worry. Get you and your sweetie a bunch of gold medals, skull caps, speedos, or some tights, and you’ll pull it off.

9. Star-crossed lovers Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games
Without a doubt, Katniss Everdeen will be a hugely popular costume for women this year, thanks to the success of The Hunger Games film this spring, and Peeta Mellark will be big for men. “I have been planning to go as Katniss all year, and my boyfriend is going as her star-crossed lover, Peeta,” says New Yorker Annie, 23. “Am I practicing? Definitely! I want to hit this one out of the park. I have a hot leather jacket, a bow and arrow, an intent look, and a posture that indicates I’m ready to run at any second… I am set.”

10. Pop culture icons and media darlings
Luckily for everyone, 2012 was an especially rich year for pop culture characters. You and your date have lots of Halloween costume options leaping out at you from the headlines; just find one that resonates with you, and then go for it. Consider these: “Since my husband’s brother goes everywhere with us, we came up with a perfect solution for Halloween,” says Washingtonian Sarah, 33. “We are going to a party as Brit royals Prince William and Kate Middleton, with Prince Harry tagging along. It’s perfect. Maybe ‘Harry’ will meet a ‘Pippa.’”

“My husband and I surprise each other every year, and that’s part of the fun. I don’t know what he’ll dress up as and he doesn’t know what I’ll do, either,” says Floridian Jenny, 39. “I am wearing dark orange makeup and going as New Jersey “tanning mom” Patricia Krentcil, who made headlines this year with that photo of her looking unbelievably dark tanned after she was accused of putting her daughter into a tanning booth. My husband is going as an overly dark tanning booth operator, equipped with lots of sunburn gels.”

“I know it’s been done a lot, but my girlfriend and I love vampires,” says California native Lance, 33. “So we are going as Sookie and Eric from the TV show, True Blood.” They won’t be alone, either. With Dark Shadows, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, True Blood, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ruling the airwaves and movie screens throughout the year, vampires are everywhere — so why not put your new spin on an old classic this Halloween? Get those fangs and fake blood out and have some fun!

“How can I not dress as Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey?” asks Marylander Kristy, 47, whose costume will pay homage to the book’s fervent suburban-mom following instead of to the book’s actual female protagonist, who happens to be a recent college graduate. And Kristy’s right on trend, too, since modifying a character’s traditional look in recognizable ways — for example, dressing as a gender-bending female Dr. Who or a steampunk version of Darth Vader — is all the rage amongst costuming enthusiasts these days. “An older, repressed woman who’s hot for a sexy younger guy? Perfect! I am dating a man 10 years my junior, and he’s up for dressing and acting the part of the book’s lothario, Christian Grey. In truth, it’s the opposite; I am the wild one and he’s more mild-mannered. But why not shake it up this year? Isn’t that what it’s all about for couples out to have fun on Halloween?”

Kristy, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Dave Singleton, an award-winning writer and columnist for since 2003, is the author of two books on dating and relationships. Send your dating questions and comments to him at

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